Money: How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Blog about how to avoid a second look when filing your taxes. Discuss the importance of not having itemized deductions that are too large for what you are claiming as a salary.

Year End Review

Here'a another awesome post that works better during the year end. Throughout the year, we create so much blog content and unfortunately, some of them get overlooked or buried but they are pretty timeless or something you think would benefit your readers to have a second look. This also gives you a chance to introduce content to your newer readers who may not have seen it before.

Dig them up. Do a year end review of your most important, most popular, most commented, more tweeted, most controversial etc posts of the year.

How to make the holidays easy on your budget

Great topic for any type of blog. Businesses on a budget should be vigilant not to overspend even though there are great deals and you may want to get the purchases in before a new fiscal year.

Even food and health blogs can write about how not to overspend on food and ingredients that you may end up not using or using a little only to throw out the rest. Expecting company or not, we can all only eat so much.

Give your readers tips and strategies to save money during the holidays.

How do you work around the holidays?

Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and all of the other holidays during this season, it's a wonder anyone gets any work done. How do you work around the holidays? What have you tried that works and doesn't work? Can you offer tips?

While this is a great topic for career and business blogs, it can also be adapted for home schoolers. Or, in a foodie blog talk about how you keep up with regular daily meals while baking and creating all those holiday goodies.

Affiliate opportunities: Sometimes a good planner or planning tool is all that is needed. If that is part of your suggested solution, add a link to some planners or tools that have helped you.

Great family movies for the holidays.

With weeks off during the winter holidays, watching movies is often a great way to spend some time together as a family. Blog about your favorite family movies and offer suggestions.

If your audience is primarily business folks, perhaps you can write about movies that have great life and business lessons. Also don't forget documentaries related to your topic.

Affiliate opportunities: Suggest a movie or a list of movies. Maybe even recommend a subscription to Netflix if you have had good experiences with it.

Tips on How to Stay Cool When Everyone is Looking

Blog about how we have all been in the situation where our child is screaming in public. Highlight how this is not important in the heat of the moment. Yes, it is uncomfortable and it is embarrassing, but choosing to not allow the stares and even comments of others, get to you is where you draw your power. Focus on the situation at hand – you and your child. If you have to, remove yourself from the situation even if you have to sit in the car for a while or revisit the store alone when your child is with grandma

How to Stay Disciplined While Working from Home

If you are working from home, many will say you are lucky; however, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused. If you do not have small children at home, sometimes getting dressed and heading out to an internet café will be the best way to keep on point. Set a routine and a schedule. Just because you work from home, do not allow yourself to do what you want when you want. Set your hours and let your friends, neighbors, and family members you are not available for errands, babysitting, or chatting on the phone. A little self-discipline goes a long way.

Self Help Seminars: Hype or Help

blog about the positive benefits of empowerment you can receive by attending various self help seminars. Give reasons why self help seminars can vastly improve your mindset, help you to network with like-minded people, and give you the added boost of self-esteem you need in order to empower yourself.

Top Benefits of Life Coaching

Blog about the benefits of life coaching and what life coaching is, for example, explain that life coaching is a way for someone to walk alongside you to achieve a goal you are stuck on. Discuss the various benefits such as achieving goals, reaching success, unblocking yourself.

Self-Help: The New Spin on Being Your Own Best Friend

Blog about how looking into the arena of self-help can be the best gift you can give yourself. Discuss the variety of ways one can help oneself such as yoga, meditation, eating gluten free, powerwalking, reiki. Give tips on how to hone into your best self-help practice and how to commit to it every day.

Creating Your Own Small Business: The Expenses Involved

Blog about following your passions and creating your own small business and the expenses involved. Discuss rental agreements, lease fees, office equipment, and overhead expenses, as well as unexpected expenses such as hiring a tax accountant, etc. Discuss tips and how-to's on how to create a spread sheet of expenses and possible future expenditures.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Blog about the possibility of turning your hobby into a business. Discuss how the possibility exists to create a small business from a hobby that you adore. Give tips on how to search for what a possible target audience for your product might look like, what their needs are, and how to reach them. Give tips on how to look into starting a small home-based business, the start up costs, the support you will need and creating a website to support your newfound venture.

Silly Holiday Celebrations and Their Themes

Blog about the different silly holidays such as National Peanut Butter Day or National Honey Month. Cook different meals with honey as a glaze or bake various peanut butter treats anything from smoothies to cookies. There is even a national kissing day. Emphasize how you can pick themes and even host a party for some of these unusual but silly holidays

The Intentional Relationship: Keeping Your Relationship Alive

Blog about the importance of keeping intentionality in your relationship. Being intentional means keeping the other party foremost in your thoughts and mind. Discuss how important it is to keep your own life, needs, and desires while maintaining a balance between keeping your significant other’s needs in that mix, as well.

How to Use Your Blog to Earn Income

How to Use Your Blog to Earn Income

Blog about the various ways you can market your blog and earn income by monetizing your blog. Discuss various ways such as pay-per-click, text link contextual advertising, affiliate programs, and direct sales just to name a few ways to market your website and earn residual income.

Marketing and Ebooks: Tips You Need to Know

Blog about the top five tips to creating an Ebook for sale on your website, Emphasis the top five tips such as using important key words and must have statements along with important how-to information to market a new Ebook. Discuss how having a blog with a reader audience that follows it is an excellent pre-cursor to marketing and selling a potential ebook.

Marketing Your Website: From Information to Sales

Marketing Your Website: From Information to Sales

Blog about how to offer your website as an information site with the option to purchase product. Discuss the importance of offering web content that is simple, direct, and serves a purpose of providing information on a certain topic. Discuss how to include a products page or a link back to products pertaining to that information content to sell product.

Business Start Up: Should You Go Solo or Partner

Blog about the pros and cons of starting your own business on your own or with a partner. Discuss the pros and cons of both scenarios. Emphasize how working together with someone in an office or on a volunteer project beforehand is a good idea before collaborating with someone in business on the side

Starting Your Own Business: Setting a Budget

Blog about keeping a detailed and itemized journal on how much it will cost to start up your own business. Emphasize how important it is to set a budget before and to research all possibilities before jumping into this new endeavor. Discuss how important it is to keep some funds on the side for “miscellaneous” and unexpected expenses.

Business Start Up Ideas: Follow Your Passion

Blog about various ideas on starting your own business. Base the blog post on the premise of starting your own business about what you are passionate about, whether it is a hobby or a dream. Discuss how blogging about starting your own business from something you love will have a higher likelihood of leading to success.

Creating Your Own Business and Working from Home

Discuss the many different options for working from home such as freelance writing, editing, blogging, marketing, and copywriting just to name a few. Discuss the upside to each of these choices as well as the downside such as finding your own health insurance.

Working from Home: Is It Really an Option

Discuss how you may want to approach your employer to ask if they can accommodate your work from home request. Blog about how the possibility may exist if you create it to work from home part time and then to be in the office the rest of the time. Talk about the upside and the downside of working from home.

Working from Home: Running a Daycare

Discuss the many legal aspects to working from home and running a daycare. Blog about the benefits such as raising your own children while running a daycare and some of the downfalls such as insurance and liability.

Working from Home: Dealing with Family and Friends

Discuss one of the biggest difficulties with working from home. Friends and family know that you are home and believe that you are available to assist them with anything from babysitting to running errands. Blog about different tips on how to clearly and firmly advise family and friends that even though you are home, you are still on the clock.

Hobbies and Crafts: How to Turn That Hobby into a Profit

Discuss how the possibility exists to turn that hobby into a lucrative venture. Talk about how hobbies and crafts sometimes turn the love of something into something lucrative. Show how many different ways there are to sell your wares to turn a profit such as church bazaars, flea markets, craft fairs, and most importantly online via your own website. Blog about how to create a business plan, for example, first create your wares, then find places to sell them, and market them via social media, as well.

Self-Help: The Real Art of Helping Yourself

Discuss how just about everyone everywhere has an area in their lives that needs improving. Blog about how to really help yourself by having a plan put in place. Discuss how you need to first set a goal, then make a plan of action to achieve those goals. Blog about the importance of taking one small step per day to achieve those goals and to keep a journal on how those small steps make you feel when it comes to achieving your goals.

Negotiating Retail Space for Your New Business Venture

Discuss in this blog topic the top three ways to negotiate retail space for your new business venture such as term of lease, who is responsible for repairs, and insurance issues. Blog about the need for discussion, and the importance of having everything in writing. Discuss hiring a broker and an attorney to make sure that you are covered on all bases.

Self-Help: Keep a Journal of Success

Discuss how important it is to keep a journal notating both your failings and successes. Blog about how keeping a journal can point out your weaknesses and strengths. This will give you the opportunity to draw on your strengths and to improve your weaknesses. Journaling is a release for negative feelings and a way to express the positive ones, as well.

Social Media and Marketing: Marketing Avenues on a Budget

Discuss in this blog how many companies both large and small have yet to take advantage of the reach social media provides for their brand. Blog about how much advertising is accessible through Twitter posts, Facebook, and many of the other social media avenues with little or no cost involved. Blog about how smaller companies can benefit from the use of social media as advertising is costly.

Social Media Networking Business Trends

Discuss how social media is gaining popularity in the mobile world and how there is a rise in advertising for these devices. Blog about how mobile devices are the next rising star in the social media networking business trends.

Starting Your Own Business: What You Need to Know

This topic will cover the basics of starting your own business. Discuss in this blog topic how to create a list of goals for your intended business, an action plan, email, and marketing strategies along with social media outreach. Blog about how important it is to have a clear intention with a target market audience and how to make your brand unique and sought after in the small business sector.

Business Startup: What You Need to Create a Home Office for Your New Business

This topic will cover the basics of what you need to create a home office for your new business. Blog about what decisions you need to make when deciding on the space for your new home office. Consider things like privacy, quiet, functionality of the space. Blog about how important it is to do it right from the beginning such as what type of office furniture you will need, how to decorate that space, and how it will serve your clients best.

Self-Help: The Art of Positive Thinking

Discuss the importance of making positive thinking a habit. Blog about how important it is not to just make positive thinking an everyday habit and not just a fleeting thought. Talk about how important it is to write down positive thoughts as well as speak and think them. It is through this positive mindset that you will attract more positive events into your life.

Hiring Social Media Experts to Manage Your Business

Discuss in this blog topic that while you may not have time to manage social media for your small or growing business, hiring someone to manage your social media for you is a smart choice. Discuss how today’s society is social media oriented. Not many individuals have time to sit and read an entire newspaper and, therefore, social media such as Twitter is imperative. Blog about how important social media is and if you do not have time to manage it yourself, the benefits of hiring someone are innumerable.

Being Open to Explore Self Help

Blog about how sometimes being closed minded to self help topics may be exactly how you are missing out on something beneficial. Discuss how just reconsidering that helping yourself may be just the ticket for getting the help you need for a certain area of your life.

3 Tips to Manage Relationships with Difficult People

Blog about how you can manage relationships with difficult people in your life. After all, you cannot avoid all difficult people. Sometimes they are family members and you need to know techniques on how to get along with them. Sometimes not writing a story about how they will react to you is a great tip. Also, learning how to listen effectively rather than jump right in to judgment. Another great tips is to accept their difficulties and not take it personally.

Digital Photography – How to Use Your Talents for Gifts

Blog about how you can turn your hobby and passion into the most incredible gifts. Discuss how family and friends are delighted when they receive something that you have created from your very own photos. Notate that giving photos as gifts shows time and attention to detail.

Different Clothes for Different Folks

Blog about how different styles look better on different shapes. Petites may look better in shorter skirts to make thier legs look longer whereas full figured women may not care for stripes.

Self Help Books: Are they worth the read?

Blog about how many self help books there are and how to determine which ones are best for your particular situation. Discuss how running out and getting every self help book on every single subject is not the way to go. Picking up specific books on specific subjects, taking notes, and putting them into practice can really open up an area of your life where you are having trouble.

Telecommuting: The Upside and the Downside

Blog about how telecommuting saves you money on food and beverage, clothing, and travel time, but also discuss how it can be isolating and possibly earn you less money.

Talk it Out: Help Yourself by Not Holding it In

If you are upset with someone, do not try to discuss your situation in the heat of the moment, but wait for an appropriate and agreed upon time. Talk about how you feel and not what the other person “did” in order to keep them from feeling the need to defend themselves. Take responsibility where you can and try to come up with a solution if it happens again in the future.

Flag Day Celebration

Blog about different party ideas from décor to food and colorful drinks that celebrate flag day

Relationships with Difficult Co-Workers

Blog about tips and tricks to get along with that difficult co-worker that everyone must encounter. Give tips about being blunt and direct without being confrontational. Give tips about how to say no without any excuse or reason attached to it. Try dealing with the coworker first to reach an amicable solution for both parties.

How to Make the Most of the Outdoors during Summer Months

Write about how to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days filled with sunshine even if you have to work indoors most of the day. Give tips on how to get fresh air on your lunch hour by eating at your desk during the morning having snacks or eating at your desk just before lunchtime so that you may enjoy the full extent of your lunch hour outdoors. Give hints about gathering up a group of girls for a 30-minute walk around the block or even just sitting outside on a patch of grass eating while lunching with coworkers. Make the most of the sunshine while it is out.

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