Starting your Own Business from Scratch

Discuss how you can take your passion today as a prime example of how you can start your own business from scratch. If you are passionate about it, it is more than likely to take off. Perhaps you have a crafty nature or enjoy writing or helping others. Be creative and see where it takes you – create a blog or a content site, network with others.

Fun Ways To Generate Extra Income

Talk about how to turn interests and hobbies into a second income. Discuss how to find out if people are buying those kinds of products/services. Also how to spread the word about the new product/service.

Work-at-home: Is There Really Such a Thing

Blog about the different opportunities that are really out there and how to watch out for scams. Also, talk about how to create your own work-at-home scenario such as babysitting or pet walking.

Crafting for Fun and Profit

Discuss how you can turn your favorite hobby or craft into money at craft fairs, holiday shows, school fairs, etc.

Pets and Kids: Making Money Walking Pets

Blog about how kids can find summertime jobs or after school work walking many pets. Talk about how it is never too young for kids to bring out their entrepreneurial spirit.

Marketing and the Mobile App: Just How Important is This

Make a point about discussing how important the mobile app is for marketing not only in the near future, but now, as well. Blog about the need for marketing tools and strategy to incorporate the mobile app into its planning.

Marketing and Social Media The Real New Trends

For this blog segment, discuss how social media really will have a forward moving impact for brands. Talk about how many marketing strategies still do not incorporate social media marketing into their budgeting and the pros of doing so.

Feng Shui: Superstition or Benefit

Talk about how feng shui might just have the capacity to change your environment and, therefore, everything else that trickles down from that.

The New Credit Report: How it Affects your Score

Here you can discuss how deeply companies are diving into financial affairs of potential borrowers as compared to years past. Discuss how companies are not simply looking at your credit score based on credit card payments, but your overall portfolio.

Content Marketing: Worth a Second Look

Discuss how important content is becoming to marketing strategies and plans. The need for quality content is becoming the latest trend for expanding brand knowledge and gaining recognition.

Celebrity Fashion: Setting the Trends

Blog about how what the celebrities are wearing really does affect the way people dress in everyday fashion, at work, and for special ocassions. Discuss how intricate details and colors found in celebrity garb affects fashion as a whole.

Preschool: Is it Really Necessary

Here you could blog about whether or not preschool is really necessary or just a parent’s fear that their child will be left behind if they do not send them. Cover bases such as whether or not it is more for socialization or an attempt at getting a leg up on education. Perhaps preschool serves as a much-needed environment for moms who work.

Marketing: An Overview of New Ways to Market Your Existing Business

Here you can discuss how an email blast may bring in added revenue. You can also discuss how an updated press release for a special event can add some excitement into your business. Talk about really covering all the social media aspects for your business, not just the ones you know how to use. Perhaps, hiring a social media expert will help you gain and keep new prospects.

3 Great Ways to Stir up Business in a Sluggish Economy

You could blog about different techniques for injecting energy and enthusiasm for your already existing business. If you have not already done so, creating a website rather than relying on mom and pop word-of-mouth will create new traffic. Taking a class and learning about metrics and analytics as well as ad revenue may be the ticket to get traffic to that website. Also, starting a blog is a great way to bring new visitors who are interested to read about what you have to offer.

Work at Home: Scam or Real

You could blog about how to differentiate from a work-at-home scam from a real and bona fide work offer. Discuss how anyone asking for money is a scam and that companies that ask for specified skills such as copywriting, or social media expert are better choices to trust. List reasons to be suspicious and aware of work-at-home scams.

Temp Agencies: A Great Way for College Students to Begin Careers

Blog about how going back to the old ways sometimes are beneficial. A temp agency can offer a newly graduated college student some much-needed experience while also stocking up on recommendations for future and potential employment. A college student also gains the opportunity to try out several different companies to get a feel for what they really enjoy for their career.

Starting Your Own Business: Is This the Best of Times?

You could blog about how now more than ever is the perfect time to create a new business. The economy is at a stale mate and starting your own business might be a leap of faith; however, the timing may be just perfect. If you are unemployed and searching, perhaps a little of that down time can be an opportunity to create something big!

Fast and Easy: Homemade Meals That are Just as Fast as Fast Food

Discuss how to learn how a few simple recipes can be as fast and easy as fast food. Talk about how getting everyone involved in family meals can contribute to a fast, easy, healthy meal. If you reach singles, maybe you can discuss how friends can get together weekly for a big cooking session, cook, freeze and split the week's meals. How does this impact their health and food budget?

Positive Psychology

Does positive thinking really equate to positive events? Even if you may not agree with this, having a positive attitudes is still a good thing as it often sets our outlook and moods. Discuss how to train your mind to think positive thoughts to create positive events.

Resolving Conflict

How to resolve conflicts among siblings at an early age before they grow and fester into adulthood. Discuss how a parent can intervene but not interfere. How a parent can be a guide to conflict resolution rather than a referee. List top five ways.

Approach this from the angle of a leader, a solo entrepreneur, even a prominent blogger. How can all of us better resolve conflicts and set a precedence to prevent more conflict in the future?

Go Back To Basics With Walking

Blog about how it is not necessary to let expensive gym memberships keep you from exercising. List the top ways to stay fit for free, such as biking and walking

Fashion & Your Topic

Fashion is something that might seem far away from your regular blog topic but perhaps you could use it in creative ways. For example:

  • How important are fashion fads to young children. Should uniforms be mandatory across the board in all schools
  • We have all heard about the term dress for success. But does that mean being fashionable or simply properly attired?
  • The idea of working from in your pajamas has always been a romantic notion. But is it helpful? Is dressing for success more than a saying? Get out of your pajamas daily for a week, or even a month. Maybe go as far as getting into fashionable work wear. Report this on your blog.

Does Social Networking Hinder or Help Communication?

Is it something that helps people to communicate better or does it leave a lot of room for misunderstanding? Does it contribute to better communication or is it something that minimizes one on one contact and conversation?

Everyday a new year

It is funny how people get all energized and riled up when a new year is in the horizon or underway. Almost always, we vow to be more loving, better spouses, parents, boss. We promise ourselves to start that business, quit smoking and lose that weight. Yet, come January 31st, nothing has changed and we give up.

While it can be good and refreshing to look ahead to a new year with anticipation and hope. But perhaps we need to cultivate the habit of looking at every day as a new year? Every day as a new chance to start that business. Every day a new opportunity to be kind. Every day a new promise to eat healthier.

Blog about this. Would this work for you? Would it be easier to check things off daily and celebrate small steps?

One Man’s Treasure

Discuss how garage sale finds can be converted into almost new treasures for your home. Give a list of items that can be converted into home decor with just a few added touches or some simple craft supplies.

This topic can easily be adapted to fit other types of blogs. For example recipe or food blogs can talk about affordably decorating your kitchen.

10 most Annoying

If you've been blogging a while, you know lists are popular. Truth is, they've been popular for aes. Just dig up any old magazine, you'll see lists in them.

Today, how about coming up with a list of most annoying? Some examples are:

  • Most annoying email habits
  • Most annoying Facebook behavior
  • Most annoying things about the iPad
  • Most annoying thing about exercise

Just remember. Negative posts like these should be balanced out with either a moral of the story or tips to remedy the situation. Be sure to end on a positive note.

Reasons to get a personal trainer

Personal trainers can definitely offer value. They can help you focus on trouble areas. They can help you get over a plateau. And they can provide the motivation you need to push through and achieve your resolutions and goals. Blog about the reasons to get a personal trainer. (And perhaps mention a few reasons to not get a personal trainer.)

For other blogs, personal trainers are also known as coaches. These days there are coaches for just about anything. Have you hired one? Or explored the possibility of hiring one? How can they be helpful and would you do it again?

Lessons from TV show cancellations

TV Shows get cancelled all the time mostly because not many are watching which translates to lower revenue and sometimes the leading actor decides to retire or gets the boot.

Use this to talk about knowing when to quit. Do you quit while you're still ahead or try to do everything before giving up? You can also write about why and how quitting isn't necessarily a bad thing and can be quite healthy to purge if they are dragging you down.

How does this affect the new year coming up? Will you be entering it with baggage or will you be purging and quitting things that aren't healthy, worthy of your time or plain holding you back?

Are you addicted?

Addiction does not only apply to substance abuse. It's easy for some to become addicted to food, medicine, habits, exercise, constant learning and even people.

Blog about the signs and symptoms of addiction. Help your readers learn to recognize the signs of addiction and help them start freeing themselves from whatever they're addicted to. Point them to various tools, books, coaches and resources to help them get out this distructive behavior.

Ways to boost willpower and motivation

Motivation is purely emotional. It's in our head. Yet it can be the difference between reaching a goal and not reaching it. Blog about how to increase motivation and boost willpower for success.

Have a parenting or business blog? Talk about how to motivate others. Also, are there things you can teach or impart upon others so they will slowly but surely learn to look at things in a different perspective and self-motivate as they grow?

Five Healthy indulgences

Hard to believe but some indulgences, like dark chocolate or red wine, do have health benefits. Blog about your five favorite healthy indulgences. Don't limit yourself to food. What about small treats you buy for yourself or something you allow yourself on a job well done or after a long week?

Five tips to persevere

Everyone faces challenges. If you are open to talking about it, speak personally to a past struggle to encourage others. Talk about lessons learned and offer five important and effective tips to persevere.

Bartering Can Save You Time And Money

Blog about the benefits of bartering and how to do it effectively. While bartering is great for most businesses it makes a lot of sense for families and individuals too. In reality, families practice it all the time when we agree to babysit for each other but what other ways?

For example, if you know a neighbor or friend is cleans homes, perhaps you can exchange cleaning services for childcare. Know a butcher? Perhaps they might agree to a certain dollar value of meat in exchange for book keeping.

One way to make this topic stretch further for you is to create a small printable and shareable cheat sheet, giving people barter ideas.

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