Money: How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Blog about how to avoid a second look when filing your taxes. Discuss the importance of not having itemized deductions that are too large for what you are claiming as a salary.

Try Something New This Holiday Season: Create New Traditions

If you are like most families, the holiday traditions are getting a little bit stale. Not to say that ditching old traditions is the thing to do, just spice things up a little bit. Blog about trying a new recipe that is completely unconventional in your family and adding it into the mix. Instead of everybody gathering around for dinnertime, how about meeting up first at a soup kitchen – this will surely change how holidays feel forever and give children an excellent sense of gratitude and selflessness

How to make the holidays easy on your budget

Great topic for any type of blog. Businesses on a budget should be vigilant not to overspend even though there are great deals and you may want to get the purchases in before a new fiscal year.

Even food and health blogs can write about how not to overspend on food and ingredients that you may end up not using or using a little only to throw out the rest. Expecting company or not, we can all only eat so much.

Give your readers tips and strategies to save money during the holidays.

How to have an environmentally friendly holiday

Eco consciousness doesn't need to stop when the holidays roll in, in fact now is the perfect time to start being ‘greener'. Blog about how to have an environmentally friendly holiday.

How do you work around the holidays?

Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and all of the other holidays during this season, it's a wonder anyone gets any work done. How do you work around the holidays? What have you tried that works and doesn't work? Can you offer tips?

While this is a great topic for career and business blogs, it can also be adapted for home schoolers. Or, in a foodie blog talk about how you keep up with regular daily meals while baking and creating all those holiday goodies.

Affiliate opportunities: Sometimes a good planner or planning tool is all that is needed. If that is part of your suggested solution, add a link to some planners or tools that have helped you.

Great family movies for the holidays.

With weeks off during the winter holidays, watching movies is often a great way to spend some time together as a family. Blog about your favorite family movies and offer suggestions.

If your audience is primarily business folks, perhaps you can write about movies that have great life and business lessons. Also don't forget documentaries related to your topic.

Affiliate opportunities: Suggest a movie or a list of movies. Maybe even recommend a subscription to Netflix if you have had good experiences with it.

Family Holidays – How to Really Rise Above and Put Your Best Foot Forward

blog about how sometimes family holidays can be fraught with tension especially between certain family members. Give tips and advice on how to be a peace maker by leading by example. Offer advice on how not to take certain things said as personal, learn how to accept people (like it or not) just for exactly who they are and who they are not.

How to Avoid Holiday Stress

Discuss the importance of being organized, staying focused, and asking for help. Many individuals feel it is necessary to do it all and be the perfect host or hostess. In order to really enjoy the holidays, accept help, ask for help, and start early. Making lists and staying focused are also important ways to stay ahead of holiday stress.

Saving Money During Holiday Times

Blog about the different ways to save money during holiday times. Introduce the idea of having a potluck dinner to save on food expenses or to have a grab bag for gift giving. Emphasize shopping off season for the following year for simple things such as gift bags or small thank you gifts for those who help you year round.

How to Save Money on Gifts by Making Crafts

Discuss how easy it is to make crafts for friends and family members for holidays and special occasions, as well. Blog about how much money you can really save by gifting your wares. Also, blog about how well received homemade gifts are from family and friends. They will treasure those gifts for a long time to come. Blog about how homemade goodies such as jams, jellies, preserves, cookies and chocolate are excellent ways to gift your homemade crafts to loved ones.

Tips on How to Stay Cool When Everyone is Looking

Blog about how we have all been in the situation where our child is screaming in public. Highlight how this is not important in the heat of the moment. Yes, it is uncomfortable and it is embarrassing, but choosing to not allow the stares and even comments of others, get to you is where you draw your power. Focus on the situation at hand – you and your child. If you have to, remove yourself from the situation even if you have to sit in the car for a while or revisit the store alone when your child is with grandma

Getting it all Done: Don’t Forget to Include Silly Time with Your Kids

Blog about how busy parenting is in today’s society. There is work, school, routines, and schedules. All of this can lead up to forgetting to just get down and silly with our kids. When the house is a mess, make a different choice. Instead of trying to clean up after the little ones, why not join them in making a mess? Make a fort out of blankets and watch a movie while inside. Sometimes you just need to throw your hands up and say, “Let’s make a mess.” Grab some finger-painting and head outdoors.

Holidays and Celebrations – Hosting a Family Reunion

Blog about the possibility of organizing a family reunion for the holidays. Discuss how everybody is busy cooking, baking, shopping, and wrapping, that it may be a good idea to pool those resources. Pick a meeting place such as a cabin in the woods and have everybody bring a main dish, appetizer, and a dessert. Get a list of members and do a grab bag for everyone. That way everyone comes away with a small gift and everyone is not getting overwhelmed with busyness and spending. Discuss how this might be the most fun in the most cooperative and inexpensive way to celebrate a holiday.

Holiday Cooking Stress: How to Plan Ahead so You Won’t Have to Stress

Give tips and advice as well as recipes for making baked goodies, yummy side dishes, and even some of the main courses ahead of time so you can enjoy your company. Discuss how important it is for your well-being to come out of the kitchen. Offer tips on how to politely ask for an appetizer or dessert, or even host a pot luck holiday dinner.

Holidays and Celebrations – Something to Really be Thankful

Blog about the deeper meaning of holidays such as birthdays and Thanksgiving. Give readers tips to get their children involved in the attitude of gratitude. Share age appropriate stories of individuals who have suffered tragedies but came out triumphant because of their gratitude. Have teens volunteer time at a soup kitchen to give them a sense of what being grateful really means.

Turn your Hobby into Holiday Gift-Giving

Blog about how that hobby of making jewelry or sewing is useful for gift-giving time during holidays and birthdays. Give advice on how to create something different with your hobby. For example, if you make beaded necklaces and have given those to family members as gifts, try making matching earrings now. If you know how to knit or crochet, try coming up with a unique and stylish new scarf that everyone will ask where they got that.

Spice Up Your Favorite Foods

Blog about how adding different spices to the same old recipe can enhance the flavor and make an old staple new again just by adding different spices. Blog about how different spices have a different impact on certain foods. Give tips on experimenting and researching which foods go best with what spices.

A New Twist on the Old Pony Tail

Blog about the new trend in pony tails for spring 2014. Ponytails are looking to be sleek and shiny and hanging low from the nape of the neck. Longer hair seems to be the trend for spring 2014 with natural style and flow. Ponytails are paired with buns, rolls, and split into two hanging down long from the nape of the neck.

Meditation: Different Styles for Different Folks

Blog about how there are many different forms of meditation and what they are, for example, walking meditation, guided meditation, mantras and visualization meditation. Also gives tips on how to and where to go for meditation for example, community colleges, local organizations, online learning.

Trade or Degree? Which is better for Gainful Employment?

Are students who are specializing in a trade better off than students who have degrees in today’s economy? Does it make more sense to study a trade like back in the olden days such as electrician, plumbing, heating, and cooling? What about medical sonography as a trade as compared to taking traditional college classes.

College Degrees: Which ones are Best for Employment?

Blog about the different college degrees and the level of difficulty for getting a job for each one. For example, having a degree in business – how difficult is it to get a job with a degree in business. Political science – is this too vague of a degree? What are the trends for making money and stability with different college degrees?

Traveling with Extended Family Members: Top Tips to Make it Work

Blog about how traveling with extended family members can mean lots of different personalities under the same roof. Give tips on how you do not all have to stay together at all times. If there are different activities that everyone wishes to try, you can go your separate ways and meet up later for dinner. Give advice on how to remember you are on vacation and little things are unimportant, as you will only have this one opportunity for vacation and to make the most of it. Embrace the differences and nuances between everyone in your group and accept everyone for who they are. After all, everyone brings something different to the table.

How to Feel Beautiful from the Inside Out: Top Tips to Always feel Beautiful

You can blog about how taking caring of yourself can make you feel beautiful on the inside. Highlight how eating properly (not dieting) and exercising (even if it is just walking with a pal) and take time out to relax (perhaps through yoga and meditation) are all beneficial to creating a beautiful inside as well as outside.

Self Help Seminars: Hype or Help

blog about the positive benefits of empowerment you can receive by attending various self help seminars. Give reasons why self help seminars can vastly improve your mindset, help you to network with like-minded people, and give you the added boost of self-esteem you need in order to empower yourself.

Top Benefits of Life Coaching

Blog about the benefits of life coaching and what life coaching is, for example, explain that life coaching is a way for someone to walk alongside you to achieve a goal you are stuck on. Discuss the various benefits such as achieving goals, reaching success, unblocking yourself.

Finances and Friendship – Tips on Mixing Friends and Money

Blog about tips and advice on mixing friends and money. For example, blog about the top tips to keep your friendship alive when a friend wants to borrow money, discuss the terms and agreement of the loan, and the expected repayment date. Discuss tips on how to collect the money when it is due and keeping the friendship afloat, not letting money issues destroy friendships.

Tasty Ways to Whip Up Some Quinoa

Blog about the many different ways you can introduce Quinoa into your healthy eating lifestyle. Offer recipes for Quinoa stuffed mushrooms, or simply things to add to Quinoa such as chicken broth, olive oil, grated cheese, or as a breakfast meal with cranberries, blueberries, or nuts.

Raising a Family on a Single Income

Create a blog post about how hundreds of thousands of single men and women are managing their finances just fine on one income without having to overextend themselves or do without. Give tips on how to create balance in the family with a balanced budget.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Blog about the possibility of turning your hobby into a business. Discuss how the possibility exists to create a small business from a hobby that you adore. Give tips on how to search for what a possible target audience for your product might look like, what their needs are, and how to reach them. Give tips on how to look into starting a small home-based business, the start up costs, the support you will need and creating a website to support your newfound venture.

Hobbies that Help: How Doing Something You Love Can Help Someone Else

blog about how making jewelry and selling it for a cause can ignite a fire in you. Discuss how doing something that is simply a creative outlet for you may help other people. There are women, men, and children all over the nation in need of something and your craft or hobby may be just the thing you can donate the profits to that will lift their spirits and yours, as well.

Rainy Day Games to Brighten Dreary Traveling Days

Blog about the many different indoor games you and your family can play without using technology, make a list of top five games such as playing cards, puzzles, and board games. Step it up a notch and introduce games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles.

Panning for Gold

Blog about where to go, for example, Colorado, California, Alabama, how to tips, the cost involved, etc.

Eating Out on a Budget

Blog about how eating out is affordable if you do it right. Discuss taking advantage of new restaurant openings, two-fers, and senior citizens day, as well. Eating out and sharing appetizers and skipping the alcoholic beverages are also affordable ways to treat yourself to eating out without the extra added expense.

Making Home Made Foods: Worth the Time and Effort

Blog about how easy it really is to make your own home made foods and batch freeze some of them. Discuss how this will save money and time in the long run. Home made muffins can go in the freezer for a quick breakfast on the run; making your own dough for a pizza dinner is easy and inexpensive and extra dough is great to keep in the freezer.

Jarring and Canning: Unusual Foods

Blog about canning and jarring recipes that are outside the box – anything from cherries to squid. Give advice and tips on how to create your own recipes for canning some unusual foods or even try a new spin on one of your favorites.

Silly Holiday Celebrations and Their Themes

Blog about the different silly holidays such as National Peanut Butter Day or National Honey Month. Cook different meals with honey as a glaze or bake various peanut butter treats anything from smoothies to cookies. There is even a national kissing day. Emphasize how you can pick themes and even host a party for some of these unusual but silly holidays

Going Green with Your Beauty Regimen

Going Green with Your Beauty Regimen

Blog about the importance of going green even with your cosmetic purchases. Discuss the importance of using cosmetics with ingredients that are all natural. Emphasize how important it is to also look at the packaging of the cosmetics and how much plastic or recycled material is used in the making of these cosmetics.

Natural Beauty – From Inside Out

Natural Beauty – From Inside Out

Blog about the importance of beautiful skin and how a glowing complexion is the only real foundation that you need. Discuss how certain foods, vitamins, minerals, and supplements are essential to have the glowing skin that not many cosmetics cannot duplicate. Discuss how drinking water and exercise are also vital to keeping skin healthy.

Sometimes Simple is Chic: Dressing Simply yet Stylishly

Blog about the importance of accessories and how a simple piece or two of jewelry can completely change the look of an outfit. Discuss how important it is to figure out how the right pair of shoes are necessary to either make or break an outfit. Emphasize that a scarf and a bangle can make the difference between a hot mess and a hot outfit

High Fashion at Reasonable Prices

Discuss how to follow high fashion, but give tips on how and where to find fashionable pieces that are almost identical without paying the high cost of designer prices. Give tips and advice on where to shop for name brands such as department stores that specialize in high fashion goods that are overstocked, outlets, and even online.

Following Fashion: Follow the Trend or Make Your Own

Blog about how not every body or every taste fits into a trend. Discuss how important it is to create your own style and stick with it while incorporating some of today’s trends into the mix. Emphasize how an individual is able to be “trendy” while still maintaining their own original look. Discuss how a pocketbook, shoes, or jewelry trend can accent an original look without completely turning it over to the current trend

Finding Scholarships: Is it Worth it to Pursue?

Blog about whether or not it is worth the time and effort it takes to pursue scholarships. Offer tips about how to find scholarships that are not as popular. Give advice about applying for the smaller scholarships and not overlooking them as these are equally beneficial, as well and could add up in the long run.

Home Schooling: The Pros and the Cons

Blog about the differences between homeschooling and traditional schooling. Discuss the thoughts associated with children who are homeschooled. Also point out the differences in socialization for children who are homeschooled.

Education Trends: College or Trade School

Blog about the differences between a formal college and a trade school. Discuss the benefits and downsides of both. Emphasize the current trends but more importantly blog about what the benefits of both may be for the long haul into the future. Note the difference in salary and compare it against the offset of cost for each type of education.

The Intentional Relationship: Keeping Your Relationship Alive

Blog about the importance of keeping intentionality in your relationship. Being intentional means keeping the other party foremost in your thoughts and mind. Discuss how important it is to keep your own life, needs, and desires while maintaining a balance between keeping your significant other’s needs in that mix, as well.

Building a Repoire with Caregivers

Building a Repoire with Caregivers

Blog about how important it is to be firm but fair with anyone offering care to your parents or children. Give tips on how to express clearly what your expectations are, what your boundaries are, and the duties and responsibilities you are expecting. Let your caregiver know that you respect them and are willing to work alongside them as a team and not just an employer/employee basis. Let your caregiver know that you are all on the same page and want what is best for the person who is in need of care.

Relationships with a Difficult Family Member

Discuss how just about everyone everywhere has a difficult family member and list some tips and advice on how to deal with them. Blog about simply accepting that person for whom he or she is and not trying to change that individual. Blog about not taking it personal; this family member is this way with everyone. Give tips about taking a breath and walking away and not immediately reacting.

Great Vegetable Ideas for Outdoor Grilling

Discuss how sometimes you want to get your family and friends to enjoy their vegetables, yet the traditional methods just do not seem to cut the mustard. Blog about how many different and delectable vegetables you can cook on the grill. Blog about how to make different marinades for the vegetables and how you can steam them right on the grill or grill them directly

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