Creating Space for Your Elders

Discuss what you will need if you choose to move your elders in with you, how to create an elder-safe apartment for them, what medical equipment is needed, special ramps for easy access in and out of the home, as well as safety equipment for bathrooms, etc.

Relocating after Divorce: What You Need to Know

Discuss the possibilities of relocating after divorce. Blog about whether or not it is necessary to have it in writing to legally be allowed to relocate. Talk about the implications for the kids and how it will affect travel expenses and custody.

Relating to In-Laws

Discuss how sometimes you find it difficult to relate to in-laws and it is difficult at best at times. Give tips and advice on how to get along better with in-laws. Blog about how seeing things from their perspective may make things a little easier to get along with in-laws. Blog about how important it is to keep your relationship with your in-laws separate and apart with your relationship from your spouse.

Caring for Your Elders

Discuss how many options you have when it comes to the care of a loved one that is elderly. Blog about nursing homes, assisted living, moving in together with elder parents, obtaining the appropriate aids and medical equipment

Working from Home: Is It Really an Option

Discuss how you may want to approach your employer to ask if they can accommodate your work from home request. Blog about how the possibility may exist if you create it to work from home part time and then to be in the office the rest of the time. Talk about the upside and the downside of working from home.

What to Look for in a Spa Vacation

Discuss in this blog the top three things to look for in a spa vacation. First choose who the spa vacation is for, whether it is a girls weekend or a romantic getaway for you and your significant other. Next, discuss the location, mountain, lake, or beach. Then, look at the cost involved for all the options before making an informed choice. Blog about getting recommendations from friends and also asking pertinent questions.

Working from Home: Running a Daycare

Discuss the many legal aspects to working from home and running a daycare. Blog about the benefits such as raising your own children while running a daycare and some of the downfalls such as insurance and liability.

Working from Home: Dealing with Family and Friends

Discuss one of the biggest difficulties with working from home. Friends and family know that you are home and believe that you are available to assist them with anything from babysitting to running errands. Blog about different tips on how to clearly and firmly advise family and friends that even though you are home, you are still on the clock.

Hobbies and Crafts: How to Turn That Hobby into a Profit

Discuss how the possibility exists to turn that hobby into a lucrative venture. Talk about how hobbies and crafts sometimes turn the love of something into something lucrative. Show how many different ways there are to sell your wares to turn a profit such as church bazaars, flea markets, craft fairs, and most importantly online via your own website. Blog about how to create a business plan, for example, first create your wares, then find places to sell them, and market them via social media, as well.

Cruising with Family: Top 3 Things to Know

Discuss in this blog the top three things to know when cruising with family such as medical concerns or needs that you or your family members may have and what is available on board once you set sail. Discuss your land options on medical care, as well, such as what facilities are available once in port. Ask for a review of excursions and book them before you go. Many a times excursions are full before you get a chance to enjoy them. Look into activities for each and every family member, especially the children. Blog about showing them the activities before you get on board so that they will be excited and prepared for their new adventure.

Self-Help: The Real Art of Helping Yourself

Discuss how just about everyone everywhere has an area in their lives that needs improving. Blog about how to really help yourself by having a plan put in place. Discuss how you need to first set a goal, then make a plan of action to achieve those goals. Blog about the importance of taking one small step per day to achieve those goals and to keep a journal on how those small steps make you feel when it comes to achieving your goals.

Self-Help: Keep a Journal of Success

Discuss how important it is to keep a journal notating both your failings and successes. Blog about how keeping a journal can point out your weaknesses and strengths. This will give you the opportunity to draw on your strengths and to improve your weaknesses. Journaling is a release for negative feelings and a way to express the positive ones, as well.

Stripes: The New Black

This topic will cover how the new “in” color is not just one color, but comes in the form of stripes. Discuss in this blog topic how to wear stripes for your body shape and size. Blog about how stripes come in different widths, vertical, horizontal, and more than just black and white. Nautical stripes are and always have been in style, especially in summertime.

Relationships Outside Your Family and Loved Ones

Discuss how sometimes in life divorce occurs and that you will eventually find a new relationship in your life. All new relationships come with your significant other’s family and friends. It may be difficult at first to fit in as the original spouse is someone both family and friends are accustomed to being with at family functions and holiday gatherings. List a set of tips on how to fit in without feeling uncomfortable. For example, blog about simply being yourself; after all you cannot please everyone. Blog about simply being supportive as this will be difficult for your significant other, as well. Taking the focus off of yourself and being compassionate to the others in the situation can assist, as well.

Hobbies and Crafts for Men and Women

Discuss the different hobbies and crafts for both men and women, for example, men could learn a musical instrument or build models of airplanes while women may want to take up a crocheting or floral arrangement craft. Blog about how men and women could also take hobbies and craft classes together such as ballroom dancing or stained glass making.

Resorts versus Freestyle: Which Vacation Suits You Best

Discuss in this blog the differences and similarities of vacationing both resort style and freestyle vacation. Blog about the various options that all-inclusive resorts offer you as a family, what restrictions might there be, and the cost involved. Compare a freestyle vacation as far as finances, options, and variety are concerned. Blog about which one is best for you and how to make the best choice for your vacation.

Self-Help: The Art of Positive Thinking

Discuss the importance of making positive thinking a habit. Blog about how important it is not to just make positive thinking an everyday habit and not just a fleeting thought. Talk about how important it is to write down positive thoughts as well as speak and think them. It is through this positive mindset that you will attract more positive events into your life.

Being Open to Explore Self Help

Blog about how sometimes being closed minded to self help topics may be exactly how you are missing out on something beneficial. Discuss how just reconsidering that helping yourself may be just the ticket for getting the help you need for a certain area of your life.

The Differences between You and Your Mate

Here you can blog about how the differences between you and your mate can actually bring you closer together rather than tear you apart. Discuss how you can embrace and acknowledge those differences and even learn to love them a little.

3 Tips to Manage Relationships with Difficult People

Blog about how you can manage relationships with difficult people in your life. After all, you cannot avoid all difficult people. Sometimes they are family members and you need to know techniques on how to get along with them. Sometimes not writing a story about how they will react to you is a great tip. Also, learning how to listen effectively rather than jump right in to judgment. Another great tips is to accept their difficulties and not take it personally.

What to do with your pet when you travel

Discuss the different options of what to do with your pets when you travel. Discuss options such as having someone come to the house and care for your pet, boarding your pet, or bringing your pet to a trusted loved one.

Getting a Family Pet: Put it in Writing

Blog about how you know your family wants a pet and promise to help with the upkeep, however somehow one person always gets stuck taking care of the new pet. Have your children sign a contract with specific expectations and guidelines.

Living with Your Parents: Making it Work

Sometimes living with your parents is necessary. You may have just graduated college and you need to pay off those loans. Blog about how you can work with and not against your parents to make it a win/win situation all around.

Hobbies for Any Gender

Blog about how certain hobbies may have been sterotyped for certain genders. For example, golf and boxing are just for men. Highlight that plenty of women have taken up these sports and how fulfilling it can be.

Finding a New Hobby: Sticking with What You Love

Blog about how anybody can start or create a new hobby. Try different things and find what you love. For some, antiquing is the hobby of choice and for others, it may be collecting stamps. Find what you love and stick with it and turn it into a hobby.

Digital Photography – How to Use Your Talents for Gifts

Blog about how you can turn your hobby and passion into the most incredible gifts. Discuss how family and friends are delighted when they receive something that you have created from your very own photos. Notate that giving photos as gifts shows time and attention to detail.

Combining Holistic Ways with Exercise

Blog about how you can do both holistic fitenss and exercise regime for both health and wellness. Yoga combined with zumba gives you the benefits of flexibility and cardio. It does not have to be one or the other.

Tour de France

Focus on getting together for a family bike ride or tips on how to organize a bike rally

Look Beautiful in Glasses

Blog about how there are many different styles and shapes of glasses and how those different styles and shapes are perfect for any size or shape of face.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Write a blog about how you can accentuate the eye area and keep the rest of your makeup simple. If you accentuate the eye area and leave the cheeks and skin natural, you will emphasize the eyes and still keep a fresh look.

Different Clothes for Different Folks

Blog about how different styles look better on different shapes. Petites may look better in shorter skirts to make thier legs look longer whereas full figured women may not care for stripes.

Self Help Books: Are they worth the read?

Blog about how many self help books there are and how to determine which ones are best for your particular situation. Discuss how running out and getting every self help book on every single subject is not the way to go. Picking up specific books on specific subjects, taking notes, and putting them into practice can really open up an area of your life where you are having trouble.

Telecommuting: The Upside and the Downside

Blog about how telecommuting saves you money on food and beverage, clothing, and travel time, but also discuss how it can be isolating and possibly earn you less money.

Pets and Camping: Play it Safe/Play it Smart


If you are going to take your dog camping, be sure to have a leash that is long enough to keep him secure but let him roam just a bit. When it comes time to sleeping, be sure to keep your dog in the camper with you so that he is safe and sound from other animals and even a snake or insect bite. Make certain that you bring along tick repellant according to your vet’s rules, and make certain that your pet is properly vaccinated and has proper identification should he wander

Vacationing with Your Pet


Blog about the important medications you need to bring such as flea and tick medications, heartworm meds, and any other meds your vet might prescribe for your pet. Bring along something for your pet to sleep on and do not forget that if you take your dog to beaches that allow them, leave your dog under the umbrella to keep from suffering heat stroke just like a human.

Sun and Safety for Your Favorite Pets

Blog about how important it is to take care of your skin during summer, but it is also important to remember your pets. If you have a dog, keep him clean, short haircuts, and do not forget the flea and tick protection. Discuss the importance of keeping pets safe in hot weather by not leaving your pet unattended in your vehicle.

Teens and Sports

Discuss different ways to keep teens busy and active in their sporting events while they are not in school. Blog about how teens can earn some extra money while coaching or becoming a counselor in training for various sporting facilities. This way they can still stay in the game and earn some money.

Kids and Hobbies

Blog about the different hobbies that are age appropriate for younger children such as birding (studying different birds, bird watching), building models, or even gardening.

Talk it Out: Help Yourself by Not Holding it In

If you are upset with someone, do not try to discuss your situation in the heat of the moment, but wait for an appropriate and agreed upon time. Talk about how you feel and not what the other person “did” in order to keep them from feeling the need to defend themselves. Take responsibility where you can and try to come up with a solution if it happens again in the future.

Getting along Better with In-laws

Sometimes you just have to look the other way when it comes to in-laws regardless of right or wrong because the bigger picture is peace in the family. Another tip is to blog about not getting your spouse involved in a family dispute between yourself and one of his or her family members – settle it yourself.

Flag Day Celebration

Blog about different party ideas from décor to food and colorful drinks that celebrate flag day

Family Reunions: Let Everyone Get Involved

If you are anxious to have a family reunion but know that you will be the only one planning, cooking, and involved, make it a pot luck family reunion for starters. Secondly, form a committee where everyone is responsible for doing something.

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