Have a Dessert Bar This Holiday Season

Discuss how to change things up a bit at your home this holiday season by introducing the idea of a dessert bar. Send out a mass email to all guests, big and small, and have each member attending bring a different dessert. For the kids, they may want to bring brownies or cookies they made themselves. A favorite aunt may wish to break out the old recipe book and bring a traditional dessert. Your new daughter-in-law may be encouraged to bring something no one on your side of the family has ever tried – a tried and true recipe from her family tree.

How to have an environmentally friendly holiday

Eco consciousness doesn't need to stop when the holidays roll in, in fact now is the perfect time to start being ‘greener'. Blog about how to have an environmentally friendly holiday.

Confidence: The New Beauty

Confidence: The New Beauty

Blog about how confidence is the new beauty secret of the century. Confidence comes in the way a woman walk, talks, holds herself, and executes herself. Give tips and advice on how to walk, talk, and hold yourself in order to gain the most essential beauty secret – confidence.

Getting it all Done: Don’t Forget to Include Silly Time with Your Kids

Blog about how busy parenting is in today’s society. There is work, school, routines, and schedules. All of this can lead up to forgetting to just get down and silly with our kids. When the house is a mess, make a different choice. Instead of trying to clean up after the little ones, why not join them in making a mess? Make a fort out of blankets and watch a movie while inside. Sometimes you just need to throw your hands up and say, “Let’s make a mess.” Grab some finger-painting and head outdoors.

Walking away Weight

Blog about how walking is a great start to any exercise program, especially if you want to lose weight. Discuss the different types of walking, power walking, walking with a partner, light jogging, and various places such as a steep hilly neighborhood or the boardwalk at the beach. Mention that walking with music or good company makes walking away weight fun and less painful. Give the benefits of walking such as weight loss, toning muscle, and lowering cholesterol

Yoga: The New Trends

Blog about the newest trends in yoga such as kickboxing yoga, martial arts yoga, and water yoga. Discuss the different methods and ways these types of yoga benefit and how they cater to different likes of various individuals.

Working out Does Not Always Have to Be Painful

Blog about how working out can mean many different things to just as many different individuals. Working out could be a brisk walk along the boardwalk, a power walk with a friend, different forms of yoga, Pilates or even dancing.

Dieting: Does Everyone Really Have to Diet

Discuss how much more important it is to incorporate new foods that are healthy into your diet rather than giving up and taking out foods that are not so healthy. Discuss how it is important to optimal health to reduce the sugary fatty foods and increase the healthier foods, thereby creating a balance. Dieting does not have to mean one celery stick and a glass of water.

How to Feel Beautiful from the Inside Out: Top Tips to Always feel Beautiful

You can blog about how taking caring of yourself can make you feel beautiful on the inside. Highlight how eating properly (not dieting) and exercising (even if it is just walking with a pal) and take time out to relax (perhaps through yoga and meditation) are all beneficial to creating a beautiful inside as well as outside.

Self Help Seminars: Hype or Help

blog about the positive benefits of empowerment you can receive by attending various self help seminars. Give reasons why self help seminars can vastly improve your mindset, help you to network with like-minded people, and give you the added boost of self-esteem you need in order to empower yourself.

Top Benefits of Life Coaching

Blog about the benefits of life coaching and what life coaching is, for example, explain that life coaching is a way for someone to walk alongside you to achieve a goal you are stuck on. Discuss the various benefits such as achieving goals, reaching success, unblocking yourself.

Self-Help: The New Spin on Being Your Own Best Friend

Blog about how looking into the arena of self-help can be the best gift you can give yourself. Discuss the variety of ways one can help oneself such as yoga, meditation, eating gluten free, powerwalking, reiki. Give tips on how to hone into your best self-help practice and how to commit to it every day.

Relationships with Your Elder’s Medical Team

Blog about how vital and important it is to have clear communication and be on the same page when it comes to your elder's medical care. Give tips and advice on how to overcome communication barriers and how to keep your cool with your elder's medical team while getting the care they need and that you want for them.

Food and Nutrition: Truth about “Healthier” Options

Do a compare and contrast of calories on foods that either claim or look to be healthier options, but may be equally as high or higher in calories than typically fare. For example, compare a spinach wrap with a sandwich typically made on regular bread. Do a compare and contrast of a salad laden with all the bells and whistles to a typical sandwich or a frozen yogurt with candied nuts, peanut butter chips, and extra toppings to a slice of pizza.

Hair, Skin, Nails: Healthy Tips for All Three

Blog about the various supplements that increase the beauty of hair, skin, and nails discussing which vitamins contribute to the best results, and which foods are the best to eat in order to have beauty in all three categories. Also discuss the different beverages such as juices, smoothies, water, and green tea and the beneficial effects on hair, skin, and nails.

Tips to Ease Your Way into a New Hair Trend

Blog about how to start thinking about a new hair trend and discuss taking smaller steps before you leap right in. Discuss how to collect magazine articles and photos of possible style. Blog about not being fearful to set an appointment for a consult with a hairstylist weeks before you are even ready to make the cut, or to play around with a new short-term color or highlight before going full out and changing.

Satisfy Your Skin All Year Round

Blog about the different needs your skin has during the various seasons. Discuss different options for different weather. For example, emphasize the need for more hydration even during the winter months as dry heat can dry out skin. Emphasize the need for keeping skin cleaner in the spring as pollen counts may be higher. Discuss how important and vital it is to use sunscreen all year round.

Food Allergies: Sensitivy, Intolerance, or Allergy

Blog about the difference between food allergies, sensitivites, and intolerances. Discuss how real food allergies may be life-threatening while sensitivity or intolerance may go undetected and be a nuisance factor.

Making Home Made Foods: Worth the Time and Effort

Blog about how easy it really is to make your own home made foods and batch freeze some of them. Discuss how this will save money and time in the long run. Home made muffins can go in the freezer for a quick breakfast on the run; making your own dough for a pizza dinner is easy and inexpensive and extra dough is great to keep in the freezer.

Gluten Free: The Inexpensive Way

Discuss how going gluten free does not mean having to take out a second mortgage in order to afford going gluten free. Give tips and advice on buying your own gluten free mix to make your own waffles, muffins, and breads and how this can save you money. Gluten free mixes are great for batch cooking and freezing, as well. Give advice and tips on gluten free meals that are less expensive but are also tasty such as Quinoa, which is made many different and tasty ways.

Jarring and Canning: Unusual Foods

Blog about canning and jarring recipes that are outside the box – anything from cherries to squid. Give advice and tips on how to create your own recipes for canning some unusual foods or even try a new spin on one of your favorites.

The Power of Walking

Blog about the benefits of walking not just for cardio benefits, but for mind, body, spirit benefits, as well. Discuss how walking relieves stress and improves muscle tone, but also gives you a good cardio workout if you power walk.

Mind, Body, Spirit – Juggling Care for All Three

Discuss how important it is to focus on easing the stress of the mind, taking care of the physical body, and renewing and refreshing the spirit, as well. Give tips and advice on how to keep an active, sharp mind, a healthy, energetic body, and a renewed and refreshed spirit. Alternate each week on each one or alternate within the week remembering to nourish and nurture all three.

Relieving Stress: Many Holistic Ways

Relieving stress is as important as eating healthy. Blog about the importance of having some down time every day or utilizing simple breathing techniques in between. Discuss the importance of incorporating yoga, walking, meditation, and exercise into your weekly routine. Discuss how doing these things even twice a week can make the difference in your overall health.

Going Green with Your Beauty Regimen

Going Green with Your Beauty Regimen

Blog about the importance of going green even with your cosmetic purchases. Discuss the importance of using cosmetics with ingredients that are all natural. Emphasize how important it is to also look at the packaging of the cosmetics and how much plastic or recycled material is used in the making of these cosmetics.

Natural Beauty – From Inside Out

Natural Beauty – From Inside Out

Blog about the importance of beautiful skin and how a glowing complexion is the only real foundation that you need. Discuss how certain foods, vitamins, minerals, and supplements are essential to have the glowing skin that not many cosmetics cannot duplicate. Discuss how drinking water and exercise are also vital to keeping skin healthy.

Building a Repoire with Caregivers

Building a Repoire with Caregivers

Blog about how important it is to be firm but fair with anyone offering care to your parents or children. Give tips on how to express clearly what your expectations are, what your boundaries are, and the duties and responsibilities you are expecting. Let your caregiver know that you respect them and are willing to work alongside them as a team and not just an employer/employee basis. Let your caregiver know that you are all on the same page and want what is best for the person who is in need of care.

Cosmetic Trends: To Follow or Not to Follow

Blog about whether or not to go full out and purchase the latest cosmetic trends or how it may be best to simply add a new eye shadow color or lip color. Emphasize how important it is to focus on skincare first and be open to try new things as compared to running out and buying a new cosmetic simply because it is a trend. Give tips about asking for samples and getting a makeover before deciding to buy a whole bunch of products simply because they are trendy.

Great Vegetable Ideas for Outdoor Grilling

Discuss how sometimes you want to get your family and friends to enjoy their vegetables, yet the traditional methods just do not seem to cut the mustard. Blog about how many different and delectable vegetables you can cook on the grill. Blog about how to make different marinades for the vegetables and how you can steam them right on the grill or grill them directly

Food and Nutrition

Discuss how every whole food has and always has had a distinct and direct purpose for a healthy body. Blog about the benefits of whole foods to your heart, skin, vital organs, and to fight off disease and illness before they occur.

Food and Nutrition: The Benefits of Making Smoothies

Discuss how important it is to create your own smoothies. Blog about how you can make smoothies with vegetables that are essential as well as fruits that are tasty. Discuss how you may be able to incorporate your daily vitamins blended right into the smoothies in case you are not a fan of swallowing vitamins. List the nutrients as well as the benefits.

Caring for Your Elders

Discuss how many options you have when it comes to the care of a loved one that is elderly. Blog about nursing homes, assisted living, moving in together with elder parents, obtaining the appropriate aids and medical equipment

What to Look for in a Spa Vacation

Discuss in this blog the top three things to look for in a spa vacation. First choose who the spa vacation is for, whether it is a girls weekend or a romantic getaway for you and your significant other. Next, discuss the location, mountain, lake, or beach. Then, look at the cost involved for all the options before making an informed choice. Blog about getting recommendations from friends and also asking pertinent questions.

Skincare: Less is More

This topic will cover how women this year are going back to natural basics with everything from neutral shades of eye shadow to clean, clear, and glowing skin. Blog about how women are trending toward the natural look that was inspired many decades ago, and how less is more when it comes to too much makeup this season.

Self-Help: The Real Art of Helping Yourself

Discuss how just about everyone everywhere has an area in their lives that needs improving. Blog about how to really help yourself by having a plan put in place. Discuss how you need to first set a goal, then make a plan of action to achieve those goals. Blog about the importance of taking one small step per day to achieve those goals and to keep a journal on how those small steps make you feel when it comes to achieving your goals.

Self-Help: Keep a Journal of Success

Discuss how important it is to keep a journal notating both your failings and successes. Blog about how keeping a journal can point out your weaknesses and strengths. This will give you the opportunity to draw on your strengths and to improve your weaknesses. Journaling is a release for negative feelings and a way to express the positive ones, as well.

Self-Help: The Art of Positive Thinking

Discuss the importance of making positive thinking a habit. Blog about how important it is not to just make positive thinking an everyday habit and not just a fleeting thought. Talk about how important it is to write down positive thoughts as well as speak and think them. It is through this positive mindset that you will attract more positive events into your life.

Going Green: In Your Beauty Regimen

This topic will cover how going green means more than just saving the environment. Discuss in this blog topic how to wear the many shades of green in your beauty regimen, as well as in your fashion design. Blog about how green is everywhere from subtle eye shadow shades to mint green sundresses, and even nail polish hues this summer season.

Communicating with Medical Personnel

Here you can blog about different ways to communicate with busy medical personnel in regard to your own health or the health of a loved one. Discuss different ways how to communicate effectively by asking pertinent questions and practicing good listening skills as well.

How Whole Foods Can Make a Difference

Blog about how whole foods can really make a difference in your overall health. Discuss the theory of how whole foods coming from the earth really do matter when it comes to terms of your health and the benefits of whole foods on that health.

Are Carbohydrates Ever Good for You

Discuss how some carbohydrates are actually good for you and the benefits carbs have to offer such as energy. Discuss different times of day when perhaps eating carbs is better than another particular time. Talk about how some vegetables have carbohydrates.

The Health Benefits in Smoothies

Discuss how smoothies are easy to make, fun to make, and how they pack a powerful punch as far as health and nutrition and even vitamins are concerned. Discuss different smoothie ideas for breakfast and for lunch and even for snacks.

Growing a Garden and Bringing your Family Closer

Blog about how growing a garden can bring your family together as it is a family function. Everyone can participate and join in and reap the rewards of the fruits of thier labor, literally.

Eating Healthier: Adding Good Foods

Blog about how you do not necessarily have to deprive yourself of treats, but how adding different foods of all types can help you diet better. Sometimes taking foods out of your diet that you love will only equate to failure. Add foods into your diet so that you will be fuller on healthier foods and not crave those other foods as much.

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