Tour de France

Focus on getting together for a family bike ride or tips on how to organize a bike rally

Eat Your Way to Energetic

Blog about doing some research to discover what kinds of natural foods give you energy and stamina. Discuss the different times of day that those foods will give you the most benefit.

Volleyball for First Timers

Here you can explain the benefits of playing volleyball as far as physically – you get some cardio and use muscles you may have forgotten about. Another benefit is the fresh air you will take in while playing. A social benefit is meeting new people and trying something new.

Teens and Sports

Discuss different ways to keep teens busy and active in their sporting events while they are not in school. Blog about how teens can earn some extra money while coaching or becoming a counselor in training for various sporting facilities. This way they can still stay in the game and earn some money.

Talk it Out: Help Yourself by Not Holding it In

If you are upset with someone, do not try to discuss your situation in the heat of the moment, but wait for an appropriate and agreed upon time. Talk about how you feel and not what the other person “did” in order to keep them from feeling the need to defend themselves. Take responsibility where you can and try to come up with a solution if it happens again in the future.

Yoga and Meditation: A Gift for You and Those around You

Discuss how important it is to take time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate, however, it is just as important to do it for your family, coworkers, and friends, When you are happy, everyone else around you will reap the rewards.

Relationships with Difficult Co-Workers

Blog about tips and tricks to get along with that difficult co-worker that everyone must encounter. Give tips about being blunt and direct without being confrontational. Give tips about how to say no without any excuse or reason attached to it. Try dealing with the coworker first to reach an amicable solution for both parties.

Aging Parents: How Being Prepared Can Save a Lot of Heartache

Discuss about how important it is to have your parents wishes well in place way before something happens with their health or their age. Make sure that everyone in the family is on board and knows exactly what your parents’ wishes are up front.

How to Make the Most of the Outdoors during Summer Months

Write about how to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days filled with sunshine even if you have to work indoors most of the day. Give tips on how to get fresh air on your lunch hour by eating at your desk during the morning having snacks or eating at your desk just before lunchtime so that you may enjoy the full extent of your lunch hour outdoors. Give hints about gathering up a group of girls for a 30-minute walk around the block or even just sitting outside on a patch of grass eating while lunching with coworkers. Make the most of the sunshine while it is out.

Tan and Tone: Keeping Fit While on Vacation

Here you can blog about how important it is to good health and fitness to keep fit while on vacation. You can walk up and down the shoreline while on the beach or even go for an early morning jog. Hiking is an excellent way to keep fit while on vacation. Swimming is wonderful for cardio exercise, as well.

Keeping Your Head above Water: Foods that Hydrate

Here you can write about how important it is to eat hydrating foods such as grapefruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, and drink beverages such as iced tea with mint or water with lemon. Discuss how these foods can make the difference between hydration and dehydration

Beauty Treatments by Mother Nature

Blog about how you can mix up different concoctions in your kitchen to make different types of facials. For example, you can try honey, sugar, and kiwi for a moisturizing scrub or you can try olive oil and glycerin mixed with apple cider vinegar for a hair conditioner.

Positive Psychology and Manifesting

Tips and tricks on how to manifest every day, visualizing your goals, acting as if they have already arrived, the benefits on your health of thinking positively.

Family and Sports

Blog about different types of sports that an entire family can participate in, talk about the different seasons and types of sports for each season, volleyball for summer, football for fall, etc.

Food Safety: At Home and Elsewhere

Food safety is an issue everywhere from the restaurants you eat out at, the transportation of food, and even in your very own kitchen.

Canning Classics: The Originals

Discuss how canning has been around for many years and give tips and tricks on the original fruits and vegetables that were used as canning items that are still around today.

Going Green: How It Can Benefit Your Health

Here you can discuss how going green can benefit your health and not just the environment. Discuss how going green can offer many health benefits such as less chemicals and pollutants in your home and environment.

Fibromyalgia: The Emotional Side

Here you can blog about the emotional effects of having fibromyalgia. Discuss how difficult it is to describe the side effects such as brain fog and the pain involved in having fibromyalgia. Discuss how misunderstood many individuals are when they try to explain how fatiguing this illness is for them.

How to Help Keep Your Parents Fit and Healthy

Talk about how to discuss with your parents how to add healthy foods into their diet, reduce salt intake, and incorporate walking and exercise into their routine. Of course, mention that they should consult their physician for specific diet and exercise needs. Perhaps, take them to visit a nutritionist or a trip to the local library for healthy eating cookbooks.

Gluten Free: Not Just for Celiac Disease

Blog about how many people are jumping in on the gluten-free bandwagon. Benefits of not eating gluten may be increased energy and better digestion. Offer tips on how to start with small, simple changes to gluten free products and how to bake your own tasty breads, muffins, and quiches all gluten free.

Wine: Friend or Foe

Blog about the positive benefits of red wine. Of course, mention that an a abundance of any alcoholic beverage is not beneficial but how studies have shown lower blood pressure and low cholesterol are just some of the benefits of drinking red wine.

Vitamins: A Boost or a Shortcut

Blog about how vitamins should be a boost to an already good meal plan or how many may use it instead of healthy, whole foods. Discuss the important of how a nutritious diet comes first and that vitamins should be used as supplements where those nutrients may be lacking.

As Your Parents Age

Blog about the changes in the family unit and how elderly parents are coming to live with their children. Discuss the dynamics of the family and how that changes.

Is Fast Food Really The Biggest Contributor To Obesity?

Blog about whether or not fast food is really the only contribution to obesity. Discuss whether or not the items in your pantry and on your food shopping list can contribute as well. Discuss how adding healthier foods
can defy obesity and how not shopping with your kids in tow may just create a healthier family and healthier you.

Positive Psychology

Does positive thinking really equate to positive events? Even if you may not agree with this, having a positive attitudes is still a good thing as it often sets our outlook and moods. Discuss how to train your mind to think positive thoughts to create positive events.

Go Back To Basics With Walking

Blog about how it is not necessary to let expensive gym memberships keep you from exercising. List the top ways to stay fit for free, such as biking and walking

Anxiety and Natural Cures

Blog about many different ways anxiety can be cured without the use of prescription medicines; things such as yoga, meditation, and behavior modification.

If you don't blog about health, write about how natural cures can help children, parents, improve general life, improve your audience's outlook and how they handle daily stress.

Teen Relationships

Should high school students take a relationship class? Many if not most high school students are required to learn home and careers and how to take care of a mechanical “baby” but what about a relationships seminar on how to relate to the opposite sex and not just physically.

Do Video Games Breed Violence

Does the violence in video games really effect how chidren will later on relate to the world. Do they really understand that it is all just a game? Should video game manufacturers take more responsibility?

Everyday a new year

It is funny how people get all energized and riled up when a new year is in the horizon or underway. Almost always, we vow to be more loving, better spouses, parents, boss. We promise ourselves to start that business, quit smoking and lose that weight. Yet, come January 31st, nothing has changed and we give up.

While it can be good and refreshing to look ahead to a new year with anticipation and hope. But perhaps we need to cultivate the habit of looking at every day as a new year? Every day as a new chance to start that business. Every day a new opportunity to be kind. Every day a new promise to eat healthier.

Blog about this. Would this work for you? Would it be easier to check things off daily and celebrate small steps?

Mental Illness:Should the government Intervene

Blog about whether or not governments should be more involved in regulating and overseeing the well being of patients that live at home that have mental illness.
Discuss how government can step up to the plate to ensure the safety of the patient and the well being of those around them. What policies and procedures can be put in place and what service can be extended to patients once they are no longer considered children but adults.

Teens and Technology – a New Addiction

Talk about how teens of yesteryear were addicted to smoking and how teens may in fact be addicted to technology today. Discuss the effects on teens that use too much technology.

The benefits of Home Remedies

Blog about different home remedies for colds, headaches, and even beauty treatments. Cover how they have been around for many years and how they still work today.

Reasons to get a personal trainer

Personal trainers can definitely offer value. They can help you focus on trouble areas. They can help you get over a plateau. And they can provide the motivation you need to push through and achieve your resolutions and goals. Blog about the reasons to get a personal trainer. (And perhaps mention a few reasons to not get a personal trainer.)

For other blogs, personal trainers are also known as coaches. These days there are coaches for just about anything. Have you hired one? Or explored the possibility of hiring one? How can they be helpful and would you do it again?

Lessons from TV show cancellations

TV Shows get cancelled all the time mostly because not many are watching which translates to lower revenue and sometimes the leading actor decides to retire or gets the boot.

Use this to talk about knowing when to quit. Do you quit while you're still ahead or try to do everything before giving up? You can also write about why and how quitting isn't necessarily a bad thing and can be quite healthy to purge if they are dragging you down.

How does this affect the new year coming up? Will you be entering it with baggage or will you be purging and quitting things that aren't healthy, worthy of your time or plain holding you back?

Are you addicted?

Addiction does not only apply to substance abuse. It's easy for some to become addicted to food, medicine, habits, exercise, constant learning and even people.

Blog about the signs and symptoms of addiction. Help your readers learn to recognize the signs of addiction and help them start freeing themselves from whatever they're addicted to. Point them to various tools, books, coaches and resources to help them get out this distructive behavior.

Ways to boost willpower and motivation

Motivation is purely emotional. It's in our head. Yet it can be the difference between reaching a goal and not reaching it. Blog about how to increase motivation and boost willpower for success.

Have a parenting or business blog? Talk about how to motivate others. Also, are there things you can teach or impart upon others so they will slowly but surely learn to look at things in a different perspective and self-motivate as they grow?

Five Healthy indulgences

Hard to believe but some indulgences, like dark chocolate or red wine, do have health benefits. Blog about your five favorite healthy indulgences. Don't limit yourself to food. What about small treats you buy for yourself or something you allow yourself on a job well done or after a long week?

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