Letting go of Clutter and Holding on to Freedom

Blog about how letting go of clutter does not mean loss of valuable items, but equates to personal freedom; give tips and advice on how to get help from someone else if you can't let go of stuff, have them throw it out for you while you are not looking. Talk about how creating a system may be time-consuming in the beginning but will open up your life later on, talk about how important it is to maintain that system at all times because your home is your haven.

Pets and Depression

Blog about how pets can have anxiety disorder and give tips and advice on how to help them heal. Blog about how even though every day life gets hectic, pets still need attention. Give tips on how to help them with anxiety and depression, play with them, cuddling with them, walking them, buying new toys to attach to instead of you.

Tired of Making Chicken Every Night?

Blog about how to spice up the night by having a theme night every night. Give tips and advice on how having a theme is like having an outline for a story. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Monday night can be Mexican night, Taco Tuesday, etc. Give tips how to keep these dinners as inexpensive as possible.

Why Summertime is the Perfect Time to Pick a New Pet

Blog about why summertime is the perfect time to pick a new pet. Give tips on how much easier it is to train a pet to do their business in one spot in your yard in summer than it is in winter. Your kids are more likely to want to go outdoors and take on this chore in the summer time as opposed to during the colder months or the school year. During the winter months and the school year, there is less time to devote to a new pet as opposed to summer time when there is more carefree time available. A puppy, for example, is very playful and can be destructive so being outdoors for a little more each day may help the pup release extra energies.

Unique Gardening Advice

Blog about unique gardening advice. Give tips on how to create a garden for beginners. For example, make it a family project, don't expect great results, take baby steps, begin with a yard clean up first, add to your garden every year rather than trying to make it something from a glossy magazine ad. Let each family member pick a section and plant what he/she desires. Do the same with either a flower garden or a vegetable garden.

What are the Basics to Start Gardening

Blog about the four basics of gardening – seed, fertilize, water and prune. Give tips on which plants to place where, which thrive better in sunlight and which thrive better in shade. Give tips on what plants to place next to other plants. Discuss how to keep your garden weed and bug free the natural way. Discuss how easy it is to start a garden and it does not have to be as complicated as we make up in our minds. And the results are well worth the toil.

How to Travel with Minimal Stuff

Blog about how to really take on traveling lightly. Give tips on how to pack by rolling clothing and give advice on what to pack. For example, most hotels have all that you need and you don't have to carry everything with you. You can go to a nearby supermarket and stock up on snacks and waters rather than loading up your car beforehand. Give examples of leaving your computer behind and utilzing your smart phone or the hotel's computer instead.

Top Tips on How to Choose Your New Pet’s Name

Give tips and advice on how to choose your new pet's name. Have a contest in your family and take votes. Put random names in a bucket and choose randomly. Do a social media contest and post a picture of your new pet and ask for name suggestions. Go through a book of baby names and see if any seem fitting. Ask around at the pet store or shop where you purchased your new pet. See what kind of personality your pet has and match a name accordingly. For example, if your new pet seems energetic, maybe his new name is Rowdy.

Getting a New Pet? Cat or Dog Person?

Give tips and advice on how to determine if you are more of a cat or a dog person. Give a list of benefits for owning a cat and owning a dog. Give the pitfalls of each. For example, walking a dog may not be in your capabilities while the task of cleaning a litter box is not either. Give the costs of owning each and the potential pitfalls of wanting to travel with your pet.

How to Accessorize for Your Car

Blog about the importance of accessorizing for your car. Give tips on how it makes your car stand out as individual and how to make your car feel more homey. Give advice on how to add scented candle car freshners or meaningful items from the rear mirror to set it out from the rest. Offer tips on having tissues and wipes as well as hand sanitizer in your car at all times and to reach for them when you leave the stores.

How to Amp up Your Investment Strategies

Blog about how to amp up your investment strategies by starting as early as possible in your investing life. Give tips on how to invest and when to get started. Offer advice on starting small and diversifying and then expanding as you get more acclimated with investing as times goes on.

How to Create a Mini-Office

Discuss the possibility of creating a mini office in a very tiny space. Give tips on looking at an alcove or a hallway that is off to the side and recreating it into a small office space. Offer advice on safely recreating a small attic into an office space. Give tips such as creating a space that is being wasted but also offers privacy. Offer advice such as having a small desk with drawers on each side and a wall cabinet to store books and supplies and a small space to put up a billboard is all you need

Technology and Aging – How They Benefit Each Other

Discuss the possibility of incorporating technology into aging by utilizing the many modalities of life alert systems for elders. Discuss the importance of these systems that are easy as pushing a button for an elder who needs care or immediate assistance. Also discuss the possibility of having an alarm system put in so that an elder feels and is safe when home alone.

How to Host a Garage Sale for Results

Discuss the possibility of having a garage sale in the hopes of having optimal success. Give tips on having it as a multi-family or multi-block sale. Offer advice to carry the garage sale for two days to give those who are at sporting events or religious functions an opportunity to shop. Put forth information on the best ways to advertise. Perhaps have a multi-block sale and have everyone chip in for a nice size ad.

Drama Classes for Adults

Blog about bringing out your inner actor by giving tips and advice on how to take part in a comedy routine – be a part of the show by being a volunteer in the audience. Take an acting class for adults on a Saturday afternoon. Feeling shy? Bring along a friend, sign up together and pay – this way you have an accountability partner and you can support each other in your acting debut. Give tips on how to overcome stage fright and just go for it by taking one baby step at a time. Signing up is the first step, showing up and taking the class is next. Take photos along the journey and every time you think you cannot achieve something, you will have something to look back upon.

Need a New Vehicle? Leasing Could be Right for You

Blog about considering the option of leasing a vehicle. Many car owners still do not recognize the value behind leasing a vehicle and simply do not know much about it either. Offer information about the recommended down payment, the terms of leasing, how many years and what taxes are involved, and how the dealer will configure the payment amount. Give the benefits and downsides such as paying for mileage once you go over a certain amount and having a new car every two to three years, as well.

Shopping off Season

Give tips and advice on how to shop off season. Offer information that while it may seem like a way to spend money, it can actually save you money in the long run. Offer information that once you start shopping off season, you will notice a considerable savings over time. If you purchase an air conditioner in winter, you could likely save hundreds of dollars. Likewise in investigating larger expenses such as central air conditioning while it is the dead of winter, may save you tons. You may even find that you will have more financing options available for certain purchases. Buying summer clothing in winter, as well as pool supplies will save you considerable amounts of money for things you really want like a weekend trip somewhere.

How to Have a Relationship with Your Money

There is much to be said about how you relate to money. For some it is very important and for others it will just take care of itself. However, it is important to have a healthy relationship with your money. Give tips and advice on checking in on your mindset about money – do you have an abundance mindset or a lack mindset? Does money represent evil or bad? Or does money represent how much good you can accomplish? Give tips and advice on how to change your money mind.

How to Find Extra Money at the End of the Month

Give tips and advice on how to find extra money at the end of each month by first evaluating your budget. Offer tips about paying off small credit cards and then moving your way to bigger ones. If you have some cash in the bank, would it make sense to pay off that credit card bill and then put the money aside for savings again? Give tips about carpooling, working from home, cutting coupons, taking shorter showers.

How to Batten Down the Hatches This November

Create a blog post surrounding the idea of emergency preparedness during fall. Make a point to mention how important it is to do this before the cold dead of winter sets in your area. Give tips and advice on testing your snowblower, cleaning out the chimney flue, stockpiling on firewood, and checking if you have materials and supplies for your emergency generator if you have one. Also present a checklist of things to have on hand such as batteries, lanterns, battery operated candles, canned food, and water on hand just in case a severe winter storm sets in town. Also, give tips on having snack food and hot chocolate stacked away, just for the fun of it.

Fall Pet Care: Tips You Should Know

Blog about how caring for your pet in the fall is different than in summer. While in summer you are concerned about ticks and fleas, does not mean that you should not continue your maintenance in the fall. Change of season also means important changes for your pet, as well. Give tips and advice on checking in on your pets vaccinations and making sure they are up to date and if not, to go ahead and schedule them. Give pointers on considering keeping your pet’s fur a little longer with this haircut in order to keep them warm. Give tips on having blankets or warm beds during the colder months to keep aging pets warm and comfortable especially if they have arthritis.

Start a New Business This Fall

Blog about starting a new business this fall and the upsides to doing so. Give tips and advice on how people are feeling warm, content feelings of holiday time, family gathering, and being social and active outdoors. Starting a new business or even better, launching a new business during this time is a great idea since the emotional vibration is already one of feeling warm and fuzzy during this season of giving thanks and being grateful. Give a list of reasons why starting a business in fall is a great idea such as, individuals are feeling warm and fuzzy during this time, but also feeling ready to embrace change. Individuals are also looking for new ways to incorporate goods and services into their holiday, home and family during this season. It is a great place for a start up business. Moreover, people automatically know, no matter what that holiday season is a time for spending money whether they like it or not, so are more apt to put their hands in their pockets and at least give your new business a try.

Change of Scenery How To

Blog about how to create a change of scenery without spending a lot of money in your home. You can take pieces from other rooms and incorporate them into another room. Exchange throw rugs, blanket throws and pillows from other rooms. Give tips and advice on how to create change by incorporating seasonal decor throughout each room and not just the living room.

How to Organize and Stay Organized for Good

Blog about how to begin the process of organizing, for example, getting rid of clutter and cleaning out stuff. Give tips such as purchasing organizers for each room until you have successfully organized that room and offer advice about how to expect others to follow through with the rules. If you have to clean up after others, that leaves less time for fun activities and the possibility of them being late to their sporting or after school events.

How to Create Your Own Green Cleaning Supplies

Blog about old-fashioned cleaning tips and supplies and how to make your own. For example, give advice on how to make vinegar and water solution using newspapers to clean windows or how to make your own soap from natural ingredients.

Tips on How to Choose Boarding for Your Pet

Blog about the expectations and worries you will have when boarding your pet for the first time. Discuss tips on how to choose the right facility. Ask for recommendations, years in business, what to expect.

How to Get Free Stuff

Blog about the many different ways to get things for free. Give tips and advice about signing up for for newsletter and emails and receiving ebooks for free. Give tips and advice on how to enter contests that not too many people know about thereby raising your chances of winning. Send away for trial offers. Also, order books or goods that have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like it, you got to try it for free for 30 days and you can return it.

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Blog about how play time is just important to pets as good food, nutrition, water. Give tips and advice on how to play different ways with your pets and how important it is. Give tips on different toys and treats for a happy health pet.

Reconnect Your Body, Mind, and Spirit in Summertime

Blog about all the wonderful ways you can reconnect this summer. Get a beach side massage or take a yoga or spiritual studies class on the boardwalk. Start an exercise regime by power walking on the sand or on the boardwalk.Take this opportunity to declutter your home and your garage, as well as your yard.

Eggs at Any Time

Blog about the versatility of eggs. Give tips and advice on different ways to eat eggs such as different deviled egg recipes like hardboiled and deep fried. You can also make potato salad with egg in it, artichoke egg salad or a pie with various hams and sliced hard boiled eggs inside too.

Breakfast for Dinner

Blog about the dozens of creative ways you can do breakfast for dinner. Of course, there is the old standby of simply making breakfast for dinner such as eggs or pancakes; however, be more creative. Give tips and advice on how to make some crazy good crepes. Give recipes for the dozens of different omelettes such as feta cheese and tomato or have your own create your own omelette station since everyone likes different things. Experiment with different potato recipes such as home fries or hash browns. There are many things you can do to make breakfast work for dinner.

How to Heal When You Lose a Pet

Blog about how to heal after losing a pet. Give tips and advice on how to heal for yourself and how to comfort your family. Discuss how important it is to grieve for a pet and how others may not understand that this was part of the family. Discuss how soon is appropriate to adopt another pet and how to handle the children's feelings at different ages and stages of the game.

How to Plan a Koi Pond

Blog about how to plan a koi pond. Give tips and advice on anything and everything from how to plan a koi pond, how to maintain a koi pond, how to beautify it and how to spot an ailment in your koi. Give a little background and history on how koi is considered a form of art.

How to Begin Cake Decorating

Blog about the steps it takes to begin cake decorating. Give tips and advice on how to purchase baking equipment, where to buy it, and what you will need. Offer tips on taking classes online or at craft stores or in bakeries to get a feel for being a new baker. Suggest starting with one topic such as different cake batters and then moving on to various frostings and then decorations thereafter.

Old-fashioned Home Made Pie Tips

Blog about old-fashioned home made pie making. Give tips on how not to let the crust burn, on how to avoid your pie from falling in, on how to pick, grow, and use fresh fruits. Give advice on how to carry on those recipes and how to keep them as keepsakes for generations to come.Discuss different types of pie fillings on their own and to mix and match.

Top 3 Reasons to Relocate Your Family

Blog about how important it is to consider these three tips before you relocate. Relocating for a job opportunity is always scary, but keep in mind that no move is definite. If need be, know that you can pick up and start all over again. Point out how military families do this all the time and are well-adjusted. Discuss the possibility of living in a cleaner, healthier, slower paced environment may be best for your youngsters. Also, give tips and advice on how to look at better schools and compare and contrast.

Never Owned a Pet? Check out These Tips on How to Choose Which One is Right for You

Blog about how being a first time pet owner is an exciting and adventurous experience. Give tips on how to determine if you are a cat person or dog person. Did you grow up with either cats or dogs as a child. Do you want to try something new or stick with what you know. Go visiting animal shelters and fall in love. Ask friends and neighbors why they prefer a cat over a dog and vice versa.

3 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home

Blog about the top three things you must know before selling your home. For example, discuss that keeping your home clutter free will give it more appeal. Give tips on how to give good curb appeal by landscaping, planting, and cleaning up your front yard. Talk about how you can make small spaces seem larger by utilzing shelving and underbed storage systems.

Is it Time for a Financial Downsize

Blog about whether or not a reverse mortgage is beneficial or detrimental. Discuss whether or not it may be time to downsize from your larger home into a 55 and over community or condo and town home living. Is relocating in the picture for you? Perhaps to somewhere warmer and less expensive? Give tips and advice on downsizing your life as you grow older.

Is Going Green Growing Stale?

Blog about whether or not going green is going out of style. Give tips and advice on how to keep the green movement going in your neighborhood or community, in the schools, etc. Discuss how to think even bigger by contacting legislators and county officials about problems you are concerned with. Give tips and advice on how to start your own committe and point out the old adage that even just one person can make a difference. Blog about getting youth involved for much-needed community service projects.

The New Best Places for Craft Ideas

Blog about how during older times the best place for craft ideas was your local craft store or your local craft market. Now, however, we have the benefit of social media. Discuss how to take several ideas from different sites and combine them and how to be a craft detective for new and upcoming trends on social media sites such as pinterest.

How to Study from Home

Talk about how to set up a study area is you are going to take an online class or pursue a degree at home. Give tips on how to be clear about when and where you will study, how to set up a schedule or routine, and how to enforce to the rest of the family that you have to have quiet space and time to achieve your goals. Give tips on how to make it a fun and creative space, as well.

Low-fat Treats that are Healthy and Tasty

Offer recipes that are low fat because you substituted one ingredient for another. For example, there is very little taste difference between whole milk and low fat milk. Using honey instead of sugar is another option. Focus on using other ingredients such as low fat cheese or yogurt, and applesauce in baked goods. Egg whites, whole-wheat flour, yummy coconut milk, and olive oil are great healthy substitutes, as well.

Tips about Perennials and Annuals

Blog about the difference between perennials and annuals. Give tips on how to choose wisely, which plants grow better in sun, which are better off in full sun and which will thrive in partial shade and sun. Give tips on how to soil and water them and which ones are a better buy as compared to others.

Create a Space of Peace

Blog about how to create any room to show up as a space of peace. Talk about how painting a soothing color like a pale yellow or lavender and how decluttering are simple ways to create a space of peace.

Animal Use in Education

Discuss the topic of whether or not animal use in education is still in practice. And, if so, what is the downside of using animals for educational purposes and what might be the upside. For example, certain animals are used for experimenting with drugs that could save human lives. On the other hand, dissecting of animals in school systems may be unnecessary as modern technology and computer software may more than satisfy the requirements for learning.

Creating a Space for Fido in your Backyard

Blog about how creating a space for your family pet is important to the well-being of that pet, as well as the well-being of the family. Creating a penned in area that is big enough for your dog to play in and also to do his business in, keeps his mess away from smaller children and guests, as well. Discuss how important it is to train your pet early on, where he is to do his bathroom duty and how important it is to have a safe play area for your pet separate from the children.

Create a Family Workout Space

Blog about how most families have a den wherein computer games and electronics take over the entire space. Discuss taking over part of that space and incorporating those video game yoga and workout programs into the mix. Or better yet, have the family get together and clean out (once and for all) that basement or garage and turn it into a mini-gym. A stationary bicycle and a treadmill along with a few weights do not take up all that much space.

Preparing for the Holidays Well in Advance

Discuss how you can prepare a little bit each day leading up to a major holiday. Maybe you can precook or start the cleaning process or even shop ahead of time. Making and crafting special decorations ahead of time is a great way to get a head start, as well.

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