2-4-6 For Health

What am I talking about? Hugs! According to many therapists, you need 2 hugs a day to survive, 4 for maintenance, and 6 to grow (numbers vary slightly.) For various reasons, there are many people who get 2 or less hugs a day and the kicker is that it may apply to people you know or work with every day.

Make it a point to participate in National Hugging Day, January 21, in whatever way you feel is appropriate. You can hug friends and family more, mail someone a “hug” card, email a symbolic ((((hug)))) or graphic, write about the need for hugs, or make a post about the different hug-styles. Download the following pdf and check out these resources for more ideas.

National Hugging Day website
The Importance of Hugs
Workplace Hugging Day

Download and share ==> The-Illustrated-Guide-to-Free-Hugs (1126 downloads)