2011 Changes

Watch the video above to learn more about exciting new things coming up for you in 2011. If you're in a hurry here's some of the highlights what the video covers. The video is about 10 minutes long (I know. There's a lot.)

Monthly Workshops

Each month we will work together on an important area for your blog. The goal here is so you have some direction and accountability to keep moving your blog forward.

The ‘workshops' can take the form of different methods. Sometimes it will be webinars or expert teacher, a group project and some months there will be challenges.

In January, we will be working on a “Better Your Blog Titles In 14 Days” challenge. Blog titles are the first thing people read. Like it or not, people will decide whether to click through to your blog by judging the titles. Very powerful and exciting stuff.

Topic Suggestion Plugin

Your monthly topic suggestions will become a lot more useful! Soon, you will find a special WordPress plugin that will load each month's topic suggestion directly into your blog.

When you install, it you will see a new box on your post screen giving you topic ideas right when you need it the most. There's also a calendar if you prefer a broader view.


Tribes is our special system where we can come together, pitch in, help each other out and be rewarded for it. Both basic and Premium members (like you) can earn points by helping out fellow bloggers. But as Premium members, you get something better. You get to leverage our community by creating ‘tasks’ for all members. If someone decides to help you out and actually completes the task, the system will reward the doers with points which can then be redeemed for resources in the catalog.

Social Buzz

I can't believe I FORGOT to mention this in the video. We also have Social Buzz. It will replace the existing Hot Topics area. Social Buzz will show you what people are Liking and sharing on Facebook – in 10 different niches so there's something useful for everyone. If people like and share it on Facebook your readers will also like it.

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