Affiliate Training Made Easy

If you run an affiliate program, you know that they come in at different levels. Many are still new to the game of being an affiliate. That's why you should train them. The more knowledgeable they are, the more likey they will help you earn money. Problem is, creating training resources is almost a full time job on its own. You can jump start that process now with this PLR pack. Here's a coupon code you can use to take 30% off their already low price.

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[TITLE]: The Secret To Successful Affiliate Programs
Everybody tells you having affiliates is one of the best and easiest ways to earn. After all, you don't pay them until they perform right? You don't have to do a thing nor pay a salary. While all that could be true, but what happens if your affiliates are not motivated or don't quite know what to do next? A big percentage of affiliates will sign up for a program they will never or hardly promote. Some will only do it halfway or sign up because you have a product they want to recommend for that one instance only. The job of motivating and educating your affiliates how to make more lies squarely on your shoulders.

Here's the tough part. Affiliate training while it could be easy, still takes time to create. Precious time you are already very short of. If you've ever wished there was some kind of PLR you can plug into your own affiliate center that helps affiliates learn how to do simple stuff like redirects and train them how to use emails, blogs, articles and all the tools you provide, your wish is granted. All Private Label Content offers a PLR bundle that covers 21 topics, written specifically to help affiliate managers educate their affiliates so they can concentrate on creating more exciting tools and promotions.

We've heard that from now until February 26th, 2010, a 30% off coupon is available. Here is the coupon code: 90928. Use it here.

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