Air Conditioning Appreciation Days Resources

In a recent post, we mentioned beating the heat, which reminded us of Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 to 8/15 2010.) You know that “teachable moments” are the best times to bring concepts to your kids' attention. That's why a hot spell will will definitely be a great time to learn about cooling the home and air-conditioners! Here are a few resources for you to use during Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days.

NPR Audio- Short History of Air-Conditioning (audio suitable for older children)

Discovery Channel – History of the AC

The President's Ice House – Images and info about the ice house located at the president's house in Pennsylvania.

Teaching The Heat Wave – Activities, experiments and info

Home Energy Checkup – Take this energy checkup with your kids and learn more about staying cool or warm.

Energy Kids – Great resource for all sorts of information, games, activities, jokes, related to energy.