All The Taste of Desserts Without the Calories – Free Gum Sample

Remember the earliest version of Willy Wonka, the one with Gene Wilder? The character, Violet, chewed gum all the time and she “tested out” an experimental gum that was a full course meal. I always thought that was so cool! Well, we haven't made it to a full course meal stage but it looks like Wrigley's is making progress. Their Extra Dessert Delights gum sounds scrumptious with flavors like Key Lime Pie, Mint chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Shortcake. If you'd like to get a free sample, just fill out the form on the Wrigley's site but act fast because the offer good until August 31, 2010!

Don't forget to add the code given at the bottom of the Wrigley page. 😉