Another FREE Family Manager Offer For Domestically Challenged Bloggers

Background: I would like to start offering Family Manager Coaching Groups where women can learn the principles of the Family Manager System, set goals, track their progress and get support from me as well as a group of like-minded women.

Here's the offer:

I am looking for 8-10 women to join my “Beta' Family Manager Coaching Group for FREE.

The group will run for 8 weeks and will feature one teleclass per week, recordings of the sessions (in case you miss one) and an exclusive forum where you can track your progress, get support from the group and have liberal access to me.

In order to join this group, all I ask from you is:

1) Your Patience:
 I will do my best to make this a seamless experience for you, but as this will be my first group, there may be some snags along the way.  

2) Your Feedback:
I welcome your comments, concerns and grievances.  I value all of  your feedback in helping me perfect the group coaching experience.

3) Your Testimonials:
Assuming, in the end, that you feel that you have gotten value from the Family Manager Group Coaching  experience, I would appreciate a testimonial from you and a review on your blog. (Be honest, but gentle please! 🙂 

and one more little thing…

4) *Optional, but strongly recommended* — Please pick up a copy of Kathy Peel's latest book “The Busy Mom's Guide To A Happy Organized Home” Each coaching session will be focused on the content of a chapter of the book and I think you'll find it useful both in a group and as an invaluable reference in your home. It is available at Target, or you can get it from your library, or you can order it here:


If you are interested in joining the Family Manager Makeover AIM “Beta” Group  simply send me an email and let me know that you'd like to join. 

Let me know what time zone you are in, and the times when you are generally available? (Only after the kids are in bed? Lunchtime? Mornings?)