Audiobook Month 2011

Audiobooks have been popular with kids for a long time in the form of read along books but now audiobooks are just as popular with busy adults. June, Audiobook Month, is a great time to talk about audiobooks and include them in your business products or services. Here are a few things you may want to blog about on the topic.

How to create an audiobook
Great and/or free programs and software for creating an audiobook
Dos and don'ts of recording an audiobook
How to include audiobooks in your niche related products
What you should include in an audiobook
Where to find people to help create your audiobooks or recordings
Discuss audiobook needs for specific niches
How audiobooks can boost sales
Tips for choosing audiobooks for adults or kids
Audiobooks as a stand alone product
Pros and cons of selling audiobooks and digital (or physical) books together