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Time Management For Busy Business Women
This is a four part free video training series. Each video is between 3 – 7 minutes long but a lot can be learned. There is an opt-in required though so you might want to check out the videos before you post to decide whether this is something you want to share. If you do share, you can copy and paste this pre-written post. Yes, you can change/edit it, it's just a suggestion.

Title: Quick Time Management Video Training Just For Women Entrepreneurs
We were alerted to this series by the folks at BlogEnergizer. It is a series of quick videos to help women entrepreneurs manage our time, make it a habit and as a result, perform better in our business. The videos are very easy to follow at only a few minutes long, mostly 5 minutes and under. But don't let the length fool you. There's a lot of value and action points you can put to work today. Right this minute. There is an opt-in required but if you want to access these videos. Judge for yourself, you can always unsubscribe later if it is not for you. Here's the link

10 Tips For Making Your Business More Efficient
Pretty self explanatory title 🙂 it is a free white paper and users are required to request for it by submitting a form. Here's the pre-written post.

Title: 10 Tips For A More Efficient Business
Everyone seems to want to pack more hours in the day but really that's the wrong approach. The better way to go about it is to learn to be a lot more efficient during the few hours we have during the day. This is a quick article offered by PC Mall's Small Business Network that talks about using network technology to help your business work more efficiently. When you downloading this free Article, you also start accruing PC Mall's Small Business Network Rewards Points. These points can be used toward future purchases at PC Mall. To download the article and start collecting points, go to

Discover Alternative Ways to Receive Cash Quick For Your Business
This a buyers guide that helps businesses discover alternative funding methods now that lending is severely limited. Check it out yourself. If this sounds like something your readers might be interested in, you can use the following pre-written post.

Title: Exploring Alternate Methods To Quickly Generate Cash For Business
There's no denying. Business lending has slowed down to a crawl. Yet, your business needs a cash infusion to move on to the next level. It is a chicken and egg story. But what if there are other ways to get this quick infusion? Maybe this guide might help give you some ideas.

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