Become a Savvy Consumer While Teaching Children About Money

Money; something we never seem to have enough of. As parents, one wish we have for our children is that they won’t have to struggle financially when they grow up. Two ways to assist in their financial stability is to help them learn good money management skills & teach them by example. Today we have two resources to help you do this.

It’s never too early to start teaching children about money and saving. The sooner kids learn these important skills, the better money managers they’ll become. Here are 17 things that you can teach your preschooler about money.

The second resource is a guide to becoming a more savvy consumer. It covers all the areas you may have questions about from banking, credit, health care, housing, employment and more. It talks about avoiding scams, finding the best deals, where to turn for assistance and more. The guide is 182 pages of facts to help you save money in many aspects of life.