Bloggers Wanted for Work@Home Toolkit

Work@Home Toolkit is looking for people who could write in these areas…

– Card Making…including
– Rubber stamping
– Parchment Craft
– Paint Shop Pro
– Digital crafting
(i.e. digital scrapbooking but talking about making cards instead)

– Kids TV Character toys/books/reviews etc
– Get your kids involved with their own reviews/recommendations
– Educational resources online
– Language learning resources online
– Being an internet-based WAHM
– Being a single WAHM
– Web-based WAHM case studies
– Your experience of Freelancing, Virtual Assiatants, Google Adsense earners, being an affiliate etc
– Being a WAHM with depression, how working online is a benefit
…oh there's lots of scope!

Work@Home Toolkit would also like to be able to contact Guest bloggers with requests for them to write on certain topics/keywords etc., as well as writing about what they want.

In return

A full dedicated bio page

Your Bio Page serves as a hub – all your posts feed in, all your links feed out.

e.g. end of blog post : “Jane Blogs is a work at home mum doing x, y and z – more details here”

Open ended unless inundated

Please apply via: