April 2011: Blogging Systems

This month we are venturing into something that's been on our minds a lot. We're really excited about sharing it because we have benefited so much from it – and we are just getting started. It is all about setting up a blogging system.

You see, for us, our blogs are an integral part of our business. We need it because if fuels our traffic, it allows us to showcase our expertise, as well as give us a way to start a dialog on topics people need help on. At the same time, we don't want the blog to use up all our time either. That would not be good. Even on blogs that exist to make money from affiliate marketing and ads, we want it to be as hands off as possible.

Yet… doesn't it all seem a little like rowing a boat upstream? After all, by its very nature, blogs are labor intensive. That's when we decided we need to buckle down and start systematizing things.

I share the why's and details of what we call mini work hubs in this month's project. While this project is less hands on than the last month's we would also like to challenge you to begin creating at least ONE mini work hub this month and see how freeing it can be. Use the resources below to help you understand then implement it.

Download the Blogging Systems MP3
*This file is not zipped – it is in raw MP3. The best way to download it is to right click and Save As or Save Link As on Firefox.

Download the Mini Work Hub PDF

Questions, thoughts and ideas? Post them below and if you already have a system going please do share your workflow. We are all teachers (hmmm… last month's project has influenced me) and students. Don't be shy.

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