Businesses Lessons from Fall Fairs

If you keep your mind and eyes open, there are a lot of business lessons that can be learned at your local (or not so local) county fair or carnival. Here are some blogging (and marketing) ideas related to fairs that you may want to incorporate in your own business and/or write about.

  • What is a carnival barker and what can they teach you about marketing your business?
  • Colors, images, and smells all play an important part at fairs. How can you incorporate these attention-grabber fair strategies in your business?
  • Which booths/rides are the most crowded? Why? What need is being met?
  • What can you learn about business or product marketing from fair foods such as Fried Ice Cream, and other odd fair fare?
  • How are fair booths like your website?
  • What are the top 4 emotions that a fair caters to? How can you incorporate them in your business?