Buzz Topic Week 8, 2009

Remember the 56 year old woman who “Swam the ocean” we talked about last week. Seems there's some controversy over whether she did actually swim it or not. Hmmm we think it makes for a good followup post and some side topics that spring from this – are we too quick to award and then rebuke? Are journalists slacking or people just getting better at deception?

Facebook terms – Facebook has released new terms of use that says everything you put up on Facebook is forever and irrevocably licensed to them. We at BlogEnergizer aren't very good at legalese. But this story has been highly bookmarked and passed around. We also believe that makes a good post about what we put up on the Internet, how much we put up and how much trust should we assign any service.

Google fails too you know – This is a good topic for those of you who blog about small business or even life challenges in general. Google is reported to be dropping several of their projects. With the economy in dire straits, they are paying more attention to every project's profitability and every business (or blog) should do that every once in a while. Also, it shows it's OK to make mistakes, everyone does even big companies like Google. Ask where you're headed, how you're doing, should you continue on this road or should you move on? Write about all that.

Hysterical after missing flight – It is crazy how something like this makes the top buzz. A woman who missed her flight threw a temper tantrum and the video became a hit on YouTube and thanks fo the attention it has been given including main stream media it made it into our buzz stream. Gives the term “You never know who's watching” a new term doesn't it? So yes we know that video cameras are everywhere it's been that way for a long long time. But with them getting smaller and smaller in almost every one's hand. Who knows if we'll be the next YouTube star and not in a good way either *Yikes!*. What you can blog about:

  • There's no privacy in public places
  • Best behavior isn't good enough anymore we should be in perfect behavior
  • News travel way too fast
  • How to handle stressful situations
  • How to handle stressed out customers