Buzz Topics, Week 10, 2009

Controversial Auction – This story made a few headlines on several news sites across the globe. A Chinese man refused to pay for artefacts owned by Yves St. Laurent because the artefacts were looted from a palace in Beijing back in 1860 wow, talk about a long time ago. Sadly, there are many artefacts that are displaced, displayed in Museums thousands of miles away from their native land with no plan ever to be returned to the country they originate from. One such example is Nefertiti's bust. Blog about what you think should be done with relics and artefacts unearthed by archaeologists in the past and spoils of war. Who do these treasures belong to?

Where's My Check? Interesting, we have noticed that “2009 Stimulus Check” has come up as a hot search. Looks like people are wondering where's their share of the recovery plan. So much to blog about here of course, you can write about your views on this. What you'd do with the check or ask your readers, what they think and how they will use this if its given.

Most Bookmarked – The following are topics that were bookmarked enough to make it into the top 10 or so bookmarked stories on the web. You can blog about these stories or start your own story based on these topics with your own twist to it.

  • 11 Non-traditional ways to use WordPress – are you using WordPress in any of these ways? How has it changed the way you publish your content and why WordPress? By the way, I also recently authored a report that outlines 40 ways you can use WordPress and many of them for profit. The report comes in this month's Sweetie Saturday Report Club. If you're not a member, consider joining for reports that will help you take your business further. If you are a member well, Sweetie Saturday Report Club has an affiliate program so if you're blogging about this topic, your affiliate link would be a perfect compliment to your post.
  • 6 Ways To Publish Your Own Book – a lot of people would love to have their name on a book and it's so much easier now. You could blog about ways to find things to write about, how to finish the book – too many books are started and never finished and other fun reasons why people should publish their own books. Maybe as a gift for their own family, a legacy for their children and so on. Make sure to include affiliate links to these on-demand publisher sites.

Dr. Suess' Birthday – So this week is Dr. Suess' birthday and the searches for anything around Dr. Seuss is skyrocketing. Schools are celebrating, home schoolers are looking for printables and activities and of course books. Great topic for any parenting or education blog and a wonderful opportunity for affiliate linking.

This month is Women's History Month – Let's see… how about dedicating one day of each week this month to talk about women's role in history, who the women you admire are and why, who are the women in your lives whom you want to feature – great way to feature a fellow blogger and cross promote or even your blog commenters, what you look forward to for the daughters of the world.

Airline Wants You To Pay For Using The Bathroom – First, no food, then paying for comforts like pillows and blankets, we kinda knew this was coming. Apparently a small budget Irish carrier wants to do just that – coin operated lavatories in the air. We think this is a good post particularly for business related blogs. Is this the right approach to boost profitability in your business? Brainstorm ways that would work better.