Buzz Topics Week 11, 2009

Short but important announcement: I just wanted to let you know that the entire BlogEnergizer web site is set to “Do not index”. What does this mean to you? Well, some of you may be concerned that if you submit your offers, promotions etc out there that your plans will be out there for all to see. A very genuine concern because sometimes you just don't want the world to know your marketing and promotion plans. Do not index tells search engines that the site should not be crawled and its results not to be included in search engine results, but humans can. If you want to take it a step further and only want your announcements to be available via email, as premium members we can do that for you too. Simply submit your promotion as normal and put a note in there that this is for email only, do not publish to the site. We will take your information and include it in our email mailings and delete the post.

Read an ebook week – Did you know this is official Read An Ebook Week? Here's what you can do during all this week.

  • Review one ebook you've read each day – complete with affiliate links of course
  • If you are an author or publisher with several ebooks under your wing, offer a few of  your books up for grabs this week. You can limit it by hour or limit it by number. Oh yea and if you give out any ebooks submit it to our bloggers.
  • Talk about different ways to publish or read ebooks and if there's any affiliate links to be added (like the Kindle) put it up.
  • Write about how anyone can earn extra money by publishing their own ebooks, what you need to do and how. This could be a great series for the week.
  • Just love to read? Share places where your readers can download great ebooks this week alone. Here's a list of publishers and authors giving out free ebooks just for this week.

Spring break – students all over North America are going on break from school. Vacation spots are truning up in searches. Blog about where you would go. If you have a family, write about good family vacation spots. You could also blog about fun activities families can do together without going anywhere or release a spring break activity guide that you can give away to other bloggers and promote your blog. With everyone tightening their belts, blog about ways to take the mini-vacations or vacation spots that don't cost that much.

fun at workWho says work has to be boring? This picture seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not sure the story behind the picture or if the picture is real or photoshopped. Either way, it would make a nice light hearted post that we all could use a little fun in our lives. If it is real, these guys are still doing their jobs but making it fun. How can you do the same or teach your children to see the fun side of work?

Wolfram Alpha – funky name what is it? It's a long story and honestly kinda technical that took us a bit of reading to grasp but we found a great article that clearly and simply defines what it is. In a nutshell, it's technology that actually computes answers for you when you ask it. Like a search engine? No. Search engines only finds you stuff that's related to the keyword that you type in but apparently Wolfram Alpha can ‘think' and answer the question for you. Very Sci-Fi-ish but the topic is totally hot. Since it's very geeky it may be hard for just any blog to expand on this topic but you can always speculate 🙂 Will it replace humans? Will this end Google?

Barbie (the doll) – love her, hate her. She turns 50 this week and people are talking about her. Write about what you love/hate about her and in business, talk about the successes of Barbie and how she never seems to die despite her controversial figure. How do you weather controversy in a business or for your own blog for that matter? Or go for fun facts – did you know Mattel estimates that 3 Barbies are being sold every minute? Here's a list of fun facts about Barbie oh and if you write about something like that remember this topic, once in the search engines could bring back traffic every year at Barbie's birthday. So don't forget your affiliate links.