Buzz Topics, Week 12, 2009

Hey it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow – this is a topic you can have lots of fun with. Here's some ideas to help you figure out where to start. Crafts for kid and parenting blogs, traditional Irish recipes including Irish coffee for foodies, Irish fashion for style and lifestyle blogs.

Funny photos taken at unusual angles – do you remember those pictures you took where you have someone standing on the palm of another's hands or pictures that turned out with an unexpected twist? Well this is a great collection of those photos and they are very popular this week. Be warned some of those images are for mature audiences 😉 Guaranteed to crack you and your readers but. But here's an idea. Create your own. How about funny food photos, unexpected photos taken at a business conference, fun photos of work out attire/ gadgets throughout the years – bet that would be a hoot.

Ron Silver – in the entertainment arena, actor and activist Ron Silver passed on at the age of 62 from esophageal cancer. This is certainly sobering news. For health bloggers, you could write a little more about the disease because it seems searches for esophageal cancer has also increased. For more information and research about Silver and his work, check out Wikipedia.

Free Napkin – this site shot into popularity over the weekend. It's like an eBay site for free stuff. The site seems to be down a lot of us so it's probably struggling to deal with the traffic. But if you can get on there to check out, might be a good one to pass on to your readers.

Old Age Begins at 27 ? – Oh dear, no wonder we here at BlogEnergizer keep forgetting where we put our keys but hey we can definitely keep your blog flowing with tons of topic ideas 🙂 This seems like a good debate topic don't you think? One of the comments in the article at the UK's DailyMail said, maybe this is caused by lack of stimulation/learning because that seems to be around the age when people leave college. Great point. What do you think?

The New Lists – You know in the recent past most big bloggers will tell you create lists they get you traffic. Then people started writing about how much they hate lists. You'd think that lists are getting really dry right? But nooo…. At Blog Energizer, week after week when we do these hot topic researches we still see a lot of lists but what lists? It seems to us that popular lists these days have turned into lists of other people's content. Check out the following lists they are all a list of great articles, tips, videos, audios, freebies that other people created and they are getting Digged, bookmarked and shared like crazy. What lists of other people's content can you make? Throw in your own stuff in one or two items of those lists OR from an affiliate program you are part of.

Spring Fever & Act Happy Week – so it is this week. Blog about what you're looking forward to as spring rolls around this week and what you have to be happy about. There's always something to be happy and thankful for.  Check out Happy News if you really can't think of anything.