Buzz Topics, Week 13, 2009

Miley & Mandy Show – If you have a blog for young audiences or parent blog, this might be something to keep an eye on. The Miley & Mandy show on Youtube hit the charts. This is a YouTube channel created by Miley Cyrus and her dancer Mandy. It all began when Mandy was teaching Miley some dance steps and they began recording them to they could watch it again. They put it up on YouTube and the rest is history. You can check out the history on their channel too.

Volcano – that seems to be on many Internet searcher's mind this week. First, there was the eruption in Tonga that completely destroyed an island and then Alaska's Mt Redoubt erupts five times. Volcanos are kinda mysterious and dangerous too. We think this topic can be re-hashed in several angles from health to business.

Missing Money? – Since it appeared on the Early Show Monday, sparked a big search spike. Is it any wonder people are trying to find money wherever they can in these times? So if you covered anything around finding missing money that would peak attention but what else? Write about how else people can find ‘missing money'. Maybe actually keeping a change jar, looking out for coupons and rebates or paying attention to whether the family sized packs in really do cost more or less than regular sized packs at the grocer. You may be very surprised at the results.

Salesforce Adds Twitter – Salesforce is a customer relationship management software for businesses. It recently added Twitter into their software to help customer service agents. This is a pretty big testament to how social networks and conversations are changing the way business is conducted. Do you use Twitter? Write about how exactly has Twitter helped your business? Here's a great example of a business who smartly used Twitter to boost its food sales. Kogi is a food truck that tweets its location and people actually drive out there, stand in line to purchase the food.

Amazon to sell HD movies – hot on the heels of iTunes who started offering HD movie and TV purchases and rentals, Amazon apparently released links to purchase HD shows for $2.99 as well. Will you buy HD movies from either company? Why or Why not? What about your readers? Do they prefer to spend money on a Blu-ray player or are DVD's still the standard? Does it even matter?

7 Most Effective ExcercisesThis is a slideshow of the 7 classic excercises that work. It's been highly commented and passed on. If you're inclined, how about trying them for a period of time, blogging about it and sharing your results? Are you a fitness pro? Great tell us why these work and how you incorporate these into your work out?