Buzz Topics, Week 14, 2009

Great (new) kitchen gadgets – During the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago last week, companies unveiled some pretty neat kitchen gadgets. featured a top 10 list of the gadgets. We heard that story was pretty popular. If this topic fits your blog, look through these top 10 gadgets, write about each of them and tell your readers why/how you think it'll help you or only be yet another piece of kitchen counter decoration.

Severe weather – one of the hottest stories over the week and continues into this week in the U.S. is the flood in North Dakota. Thankfully things are looking better today as far as water levels go but more inclement weather is in the forecast. This is a good time to build a disaster preparation and disaster recovery plan. Be it for the home, personal situation or business. We all need to prepare for unexpected surprises. You can't negotiate with Mother Nature unfortunately and these disasters strike everyone all around the world.

Skype in your pocket – well, it's official. Skype is releasing an app for iPhone. This news is pretty hot if your market is interested in gadgets and tech. Here are two stories you can use to get more info about the release set to be on Tuesday this week.

Bizarre, funny or downright improper search results – We've been noticing something about the stuff that people like to bookmark. It seems that search results that are just bizarre, funny or totally irrelevant gets a whole lot of attention. This could make some fabulous traffic pulling, comment generating post if you can find some weird search results from anywhere. Doesn't have to be just on search engines. Problem is, they aren't all that easy to come across so when you search for something next time and get results you didn't expect, get a screen shot. To help you kick it off, we found one that is pretty controversial especially if you are parents or just think this sort of stuff is not so pleasant. Warning! Adults only. Ready?

Go to and search for “girl scout cookies” Oh my!

Easter – well, it's around the corner and seems like it's on quite a few people's minds, search and chatter volume is up about this day. In case you didn't know, Easter is April 12th. Might be a good time to write or start planning a post that's timely for Easter, create Easter related freebie give aways or contests.

Conficker virus – what is it? Well apparently this virus is set to deliver its payload on April 1st. Getting quite a bit of attention, but some are saying it's hype. If you plan on blogging about check out these two resources about it and share with your readers.