Buzz Topics, Week 15, 2009

Italy Earthquake Leaves 50 Dead – so very sad.  A sobering topic and while we don't normally pick up topics like that we are constantly being reminded how fragile life really is. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Or a zone prone to any other natural disasters? Talk about how you prepare for them.

Depression or? – over the weekend, there has been some disturbing mass shootings, including one where a man held up a convenience store with his young daughter by his side. Most of the gunmen have reportedly lost their jobs lately and unable to cope with that and the very real need to take care of their families. Write about what can be done or what should one do while they still have a job to prepare for the chance they do get laid off – great topic if you write about finance a lot or are a finance expert. You can also engage in discussion with your readers. Why do they think this is happening? Is it lack of family support or spiritual grounding? Can turn out to be an explosive discussion.

Cybersecurity Act – this sounds like some really scary stuff especially for us here at Blog Energizer who live and breathe the Internet. This act introduced into the U.S. Senate allows the President to shut down any private Internet network. It also allows the government to demand security data without provision of law. You can read about the story over at eWeek. So what do you think? On one hand it is true that as people depend on the Internet more, the threat to any nation coming from the Internet is pretty big. Yet… what about law abiding netizens like you and I? Write about it.

Coupon fever – coupons are hip again. Since the economic down turn the media at all levels have been talking a lot about using them, featuring couponers and so on over the past week, there seems to be a spike in the search for “” and “Smartsource coupons”. For those abroad, these are major coupon sources that are delivered through the Sunday newspaper. What coupon sources do you have in your local area? Do you know of online retailers offering coupons? Write about them. We've also made it easy for you, check out our Coupons and discounts. You can also blog about your own coupon strategy or offer a coupon yourself if you're in business.

Spring! – for some of us, the weather is getting warmer and for those who aren't cabin fever is certainly in the air. We're craving to get outdoors, spring clean and do a bunch of fun stuff. At BlogEnergizer headquarters, the pollen has been thick. So, what's on everyone's minds? Bicycles, house cleaners and allergy relief. Write about the brand names and alternatives too. Brand names usually get a bit of attention when people view search results, it's a good way to stick in an affiliate link. Also, take time weave in your expertise or relate the topic to your niche.

Easter – still time for a quick Easter promo, people still talking about them and planning around Easter. So get that Easter related promo and blog post out there.