Buzz Topics, Week 17, 2009

So many observances going on this week, plenty of stuff to blog about and even promotions to work around. Remember to submit your promo if you're doing one and if you aren't, what are you waiting for?

Administrative Professionals Week / Day – If you want to celebrate the week, it's this week- the last full week of April and Administrative Professionals' Day is April 22nd. If you have assistants you work with thank them! If you have a product they could/might use, promote it as a good gift item. If you don't have any of the above, write about one administrative professional who has made your work easy for you.

Earth Day is this week, same day, April 22nd. Maybe you can merge those two together and say you are giving earth friendly gifts or find earth friendly gifts that would make any Admin Professional's day. What a great way to slip in your affiliate URL for these products. Write also about what you are doing in your daily life to be more green.

Today the Boston Marathon is run – have you ever ran a marathon? Do you want to? If yes or no, why? Take a look at the Boston Marathon web site, check out the people who are running. Does anyone inspire you? One of the hottest news about the Boston Marathon this year is an app developer is going to run as a giant iPhone. That's an interesting way to capitalize on someone else'e event and get yourself some publicity. Write about that. Links:

Has Twitter Made It Big Time? Last week, everyone was all over the Ashton Kutcher – Larry King challenge to get a million followers. Of course Ashton won. We even saw bill boards to follow him apparently a donation by Lamar – the outdoor media company. So what does this say about Twitter? Has is grown up? Write a little post analysis about this.

Stephen Hawking – the brilliant scientist is reported to be hospitalized and very ill. This man never fails to amaze us. Despite his disabilities he's achieved a lot. What about this life can you find encouragement from? Here's a story about him on Reuters you may want to use as a basis.