Buzz Topics Week 2, 2009

Happy New Year everyone. This is our very first buzz topics for the year some exciting, interesting stuff popping up again.

Every single year beginning this time, HGTV kicks off their Home Giveaway. Search activity seems to have picked up for “HGTV Sweepstakes”. Great topic to blog about especially if you write about home/decor/home improvement topics and you can catch some of that search volume too. The official HGTV page is here if you want to learn more about the beautiful home they are giving away.

By the way, if you blog about personal finance, this is also a good topic. I've read once how a family struggled to keep the home they won and just could not do it. What would be the best thing to do if you won a big value prize?

Health bloggers you'll be happy to know that “Free Diet Plans” is also moving on up in search volume. Why not create a free diet plan to give away on your blog and don't forget, brand it and submit it to us so we can share it and get more traffic for you.

This is also tax time in the U.S. so there's lots of news stories about taxes and proposed tax cuts. TV commercials have also stepped up on this front. A great topic for just about any blog. Write about using your tax money, when you file, business taxes, keeping records.

Around the social networks, it finally happened. Phishing on Twitter. You could warn your blog readers and help them protect themselves. You could also talk about the direction of social networks like Twitter & how vulnerable users can be.

In health, the news story about ‘Third hand' cigarette smoke released last week is still being talked up. Good topic to write about quitting bad habits or your own struggle with quitting.

Now this is interesting for gadgeteers and entertainment buffs. Breaking news toos. It seems the popular Netflix is going to offer streaming movies in your living room TV. The company signed deal with LG who will built the functionality right into their TV sets in spring. No set top box required.

Source: Netflix streaming to be built into TVs –