Buzz Topics Week 3, 2009

Greetings! A brand new week, lots of exciting stuff after two big events this weekend.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Although the show ended yesterday, there's a lot of buzz generated from the show that people are still talking about. This show is the one where many new consumer electronics are unveiled or announced so you'll find lots of good and fun stuff to blog about. The official site is here, but if you'd much rather have the highlights version, you can always check out CNET CES for great coverage.

There is one product from CES that caught our attention. The Palm Pre. CNET named this the Best of CES 2009 and People's Voice Award and we also see search volume pretty high on this product.

In entertainment, there is no doubt the Golden Globe Award is all the buzz. Who won what, wore what and pictures! Lots and lots of pictures of course. Official Golden Globes site

Detroit Auto Show was the other big show this weekend although not as much press as the other two. The hot topic there of course are green(er) cars and what we can look forward to this year. Here is Motor Trend's coverage on the show. See if something catches your eye and blog about it.

Computer generated image
Computer generatedThis picture was highly bookmarked and commented on on Digg. The only information we had on it is that it is computer generated. It sure looks pretty real. While we cannot confirm the authenticity, an interesting topic none the less. You could talk about design techniques and what one can achieve, you can also talk about how a picture is not worth a thousand words anymore… well, it is in some ways but it is becoming ever more difficult for a regular viewer to discern real from false.

Let's hack our brains – this is a super interesting item that appeared on, getting a lot of conversation about it. We can trick our minds into hallucinating, make us feel less pain when we cut your fingers and more. When people say “It's all in your head” they may not be that far from the truth after all. There are a few ways to talk about this topic – we think what we tell our brains to think. Talk about perceptions. Here's the full story.

Store closings and Big Lots store closings – this popped up on the radar this week. Lots of people searching for store closing lists. Seems like a ‘sign of the times' posts but we also found a report on Snopes how to tell the real store closings and to differentiate between real closings or false reports.

DTV Coupons – as the US moves closer and closer to all digital TV and most people being last minute types, this is becoming popular. We think it's a nice affiliate opportunity to point out coupons and also talk about simply getting newer TVs.