Buzz Topics, Week 7 2009

Wow, today alone searches for “Americans for prosperity“, “no stimulus” and “no stimulus petition” went through the roof. As the searches indicate it is a petition to send a message to the government U.S. citizens want a different type of economic recovery plan than what's been put out. The main sites for this peition are at and both of which are down from the traffic load. Yet another good post to make about web site traffic and web site load. Of course, if you support this you may want to share your thoughts with your readers. If you're in business and up to it, try digging up some info on how much/how little is in the package that will affect small businesses.

Story from WSJ online about this can be found here.

In tech, Amazon has released Kindle 2 for pre-order. Quite a bit of talk and searches for this one. You can find out the key features, benefits and pricing from PCMagazine and Engadget. And Kindle 2 videos you can utilize for your blog here.

Westminster Kennel Club – another hot search as the dog show is runs today and tomorrow. Good blogging for canine bloggers even if you aren't, why not bring up your own pet? Share their hilarious moments, gidgets and gadgets with your readers and remember those affiliate links when you're talking about those.

Grammys – that was last weekend. Talk about it naturally flows into this week. Surely there are some good Youtube videos from that you can put up. Also, if you blog about fashion how about a “dress like the stars for less” post? Find similar style clothing (at your favorite affiliated clothing store of course) and show your readers how they too can look good without the big price tag.

Hidden Disneyland Secrets – this key phrase popped into our radar. While it's not as widely discussed as the stimilus plan, Kindle, Grammy's or Westminister's Kennel Club, there's still a nice spike in traffic. At this point we are unsure if this is a book launch or a result of a TV show or some other publicity but we think it makes a great blog post regardless. Great for parent blogs. We also found a book on Amazon that would go along nicely with this post, “Hidden Mickeys, 3rd Edition: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best-Kept Secrets (Disneyland's Hidden Mickey's)“.

First Woman To Swim Atlantic – is 56! Wow. This is great news of women and also a wonderful ‘factoid' post. Put your mind to it. Neither age, time or sex should be a barrier to your dreams. News story here.

Eight o' Clock Coffee – we wondered why this relatively affordable coffee brand showed up on the hot searches radar. Apparently it's because Consumer Reports reported the 100% Columbian roast from Eight o'Clock Coffee is the best tasting, beating Starbucks, Folgers and Maxwell House. Things don't seem too rosy for Starbucks which has laid off many workers and closed a lot of cafes recently. For consumer blogs – Eight o'Clock Coffee is running a sweepstakes right now. Enter for a chance at $5000 free groceries or 150 prizes. If you blog for business, what would you do if an independent organization says your product is “not as good” as the competitors based on a test? Or what should a small business do if they've been found to be a better product than bigger brand names? How do you capitalize on that? Why not bring a publicity expert in to chat about this in a podcast or guest blog post?