Buzz Topics Week of Dec 22, 2008

Ho ho ho everyone! There's no doubt Christmas is what everyone will be talking about directly or indirectly this week. Here are other things that has got the Blogosphere and the Internet talking.

By the way, as premium members, you know it is OK to copy and paste any of these topics so you can quickly get a jump start on your blogging. Just – don't copy verbatim 🙂 make it your own.

The weather – hasn't it just been crazy? Snow in Las Vegas, terrible storms in the North East and Mid West. The most common spin around this topic is of course tied to global warming and all that. But here are other ways you could write it up. Safety. Many people in climates who are not used to cold weather or snow are not equipped to handle them. Share some tips. Even those who are could use a tip or two. Ideas to keep kids occupied. Many of them will be home this week for the holidays. What you like/don't like about the weather patterns in the place you live in?

Recap – This week until Dec 31st we are seeing a lot of recaps. From highlights of the political scene in 2008 to tech and entertainment highlights of the year. You can build your own too. List the highlights/recap about your own industry.

Regrowing a cut off finger tip possible – Sounds too crazy and sci-fi? Maybe not. Apparently this is something that the U.S. Army has been working on and regrowth is possible today. They hope it will help save many soldiers' lives. Full story at CNN.

Unemployment – Not something we like to think about. Here's what you can write about. How to survive a layoff, Job hunting in a tough economy, Start your own business, Making money with your blog, Making money online, Making money with your existing skills, Changing careers to an industry less seriously affected, Which industries do better during bad times, Taking care of oneself emotionally and physically when times are tough and money is tight, free or low cost ways to get the exercise, saving on your grocery and household bills, teaching kids about tough times.

Passenger in crash finds time to Twitter – That itself should tell you how much Twitter is involved in the lives of those who use it. Better yet, how important this tool has become to some people. Great topic for those in small business niches. Also, for personal issues, is Twitter encroaching too much into our lives? When should you shut out Twitter?

$1 Water Based Glasses For 1Billion Poor – A UK inventor has created and already distributed 30,000 pairs of his water based eye glasses to 15 countries. His goal is to distribute 1 billion by 2020. To read the science behind, it, please see the full story at the Guardian. But this is a good story to blog about, to help spread the word, to share that sometimes it only takes a big idea, every single one of us can make difference. What's your goal? Make yourself accountable right on your blog. No better way than to publicly announce it. How can you use your blog for good? Just spread the word. Attach your lofty ambitions to doing something for those less fortunate. Remember, at Blog Energizer, we're still reaching for that goal too.

Calendars – Remember when we launched Blog Energizer we put out a calendar? They are still the top most downloaded resource we have. There's still a little over a week left. Create your own. Calendar searches are heating up. I myself realized I needed a calendar yesterday. Make one to give away and don't forget to include links to your site, highlights of the holidays related to your audience's interests and if you already planned out your promotions, go ahead add them in too. You never know who will use it and they get to keep up with you all year long. Don't forget to submit them here after creating them.