Buzz Topics Week of December 29th, 2008

Hi folks, things are a tad slow this week as they usually are around this time when people are taking time off, resting and getting ready for the new year. Here are a few topics that came into our radar and a couple of timely topics for this time of the year.

Twitter seems to come up a lot lately. From top 10 lists of all things Twitter to the value of using Twitter. Here are some commonly bookmarked/commented articles on Twitter that might spawn your own.

Virginity Pledge Doesn't Stop Teen Sex – one of those stories that can be covered on a parenting or health blog. This topic is getting a lot of blog mentions, comments and bookmarks.

Facial Expressions come naturally, not learned – an interesting factoid for a filler post.

In Small Business topics, while we didn't see any one particular story pop up, we do see a lot of talk around looking toward the future. Steps to recession proof your business, ways to trim the fat and maintain a healthy business in the year ahead, outsourcing and hiring smartly, succeeding in bad times, leading in bad time and the likes.

Another topic that is talked and written about a lot lately is of course about planning for 2009. Remember the calendar we talked about last week. They are still hot.

Lists, lists and more lists. We have briefly touched this last week when we suggested a recap list. We are seeing more and more lists now. Here are some suggestions to make your own lists.

  • Top ten tools
  • Most popular posts
  • Most useful
  • X number of people to watch in your industry
  • X tips for 2009
  • Best and worst lists
  • Predictions
  • What worked in 2008
  • Lessons learned in 2008

Remember, you can split the lists up over the whole week so if you have a 5 or 7 day list you can post one for each day into the new year but make sure you close with a fabulous tip in the new year.

Have a good week and we'll see you next week with the first buzz topics for the year.