Car Care Healthy Air Mist Service Coupon

In the post about allergy relief, I mentioned there were several things you could use and blog about concerning allergins. If allergies are a problem in your home, they are probably a problem in your car as well. Just think about the air conditioning and heating systems. Both deal with air…blowing air and moisture. Just think of all the pollen, dust and mold particles that have probably collected inside the air vents! Ugh!

Has your automobile has lost that new car “freshness”? Do you have kids and dogs in and out of the vehicle? Want to make the air a little healthier to breathe? You may want to grab this Healthy Air Mist Service Coupon from Pep Boys.

Note: If you're blogging about health, family, or home/car maintenance, you may want to add this into a post about allergies and how to fight the symptoms or avoid them. There wasn't a lot of info on the website so I called my local Pep Boys store to find our more about the process. You could do the same.