Clean As A Whistle

The last week in March (Mar 27-Apr 2, 2011) is National Cleaning Week so it's time to roll up your sleeves and give everything a good spring cleaning. From your business to your home, it's all fair game! Take a gander at these blogging ideas for this week.

1. What products or programs do you use to keep your business files, office, website, or computer clean?
2. What are the top 7 ways a business can benefit from a spring cleaning?
3. What areas do you plan on cleaning more thoroughly and why?
4. Many people dread cleaning, while others enjoy it. How can you motivate yourself and others to clean?
5. Spring cleaning also means throwing out things. Talk about what to save and what to toss.
6. What areas of your kitchen (pick a room) are often missed when cleaning?
7. Suggest age-appropriate activities to include kids in the family's spring cleaning.