Content Publishing Secrets Only The Smart Know

What do very successful blogs have in common? The blog owner does not write all their posts!

Very often, they leverage their time and energy by publishing content written by others. Of course, they write a good chunk of their own content. But they are also smart enough to mix it up with a variety to keep things interesting.

You can do the same by recruiting guest publishers. Or, buying ready content.

What Is Ready Content?

Often also known as private label content, ready content is content written, created, or curated for you. This can take the shape of articles, reports, social images, photos, infographics, Power Points and so on.

What Can You Do With Ready Content?

It varies by content providers. Typically, you can publish that content on your blog, record them as audio or video, create a report from it, or even use them to create your own course.

Isn't It Illegal?

Nope. Usually your purchase grants you the license to use the content.

Isn't It Unethical or Cheating?

No, but I understand this can sometimes feel like it. Truth is, there are loads of books you buy that are written by ghost writers. The key is, to add your own voice and edit the parts based on your knowledge and experience. Truth is, it is a lot easier to edit someone else's work than to stare at a blank screen. So use them as a jumping off point. Nothing unethical about that.

What About Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is perhaps the biggest misconception in the online publishing world. In the past, sites were penalized for publishing the exact same content on multiple sites that have the exact same layout, and the exact same designs. Not for publishing the same content on multiple sites. If such is true then all the news outlets would fail to rank.

Having said that, it is only smart for you to modify the content. How? Here are some pointers:

  • Add related video
  • Add images
  • Add quotes be it your own or others'
  • Add statistics
  • Add your own ideas, thoughts and opinions

These are all very easy to do and you don't have to stare at a blank screen.

Where Do I Get Ready Content?

Glad you asked! We have a whole directory of free ready content from you choose from. These are free samples offered by various providers. Grab them, try them out and keep your blog topped up today.

Want to skip the free and buy direct already? Good for you. Here's a list of content providers we've trusted over the years.