Coping With The Changing Times For Families

The latest news for families seems grim. You hear about it over and over. Social security is withholding a pay increase for older family members. Young children are being bullied in various places. Just these two things leave the middle group, parents, with a lot to deal with!

If you have a family, parenting, or mom site, you may want to blog about topics such as:

  • Helping your elderly parents meet their needs while retaining your independence as well as theirs.
  • Has your retired parent stopped taking meds because of a lack of funds? Talk about how to make sure meds aren't missed.
  • Do you live with your older parents to lower the bills? Talk about the pros and cons.
  • The news is full of reports about child bullies and children behaving badly. Pick a report and discuss how it could/should have been handled.
  • When is it bullying and when is it just being a kid? Talk about your thoughts on the subject.
  • By today's standards, were you ever bullied? Share your experiences and thoughts.