Crafty Things to Create Yourself this Fall

Create a blog about making a lovely looking table setting this Thanksgiving by creating crafts yourself. Give advice and tips and how-tos on how to be crafty even if you are a newbie to the art of crafting. Offer ideas of where to start your crafting such as creating centerpieces, placemats, or napkin rings. Have your reader focus in on the possibility of creating crafts themselves and to start small. Give advice on picking one topic such as centerpieces and offer advice on how to explore the various ways to do so. For example, a centerpiece does not always have to be floral. It can be made up of nature items such as pine cones and pumpkins and gourds. Or it can be glass mason jars filled with anything from floating candles to chestnuts and pine cones. Encourage the reader not to be afraid of all things crafty and to pick one area of the dining table and stick with that rather than trying to go all out when just starting out as a crafter.