Cutting Your Grocery Bill With Kraft

We all have our favorite food brands. In my family the brands are divided into 3 groups. They are “Favorites”, “I can live with that”, and “Not in a million years.” When you need to cut back on your grocery bill, these divisions come in handy. Often the pricier items are in the favorite category, the mid-priced items in the “I can live with that” category, and the “not in a million years” category contains brands that the family just won't eat no matter what the price.

If you're trying to minimize your grocery bill, Kraft has a grocery/cash giveaway you can enter. A simple sign up also includes cool recipes in your inbox. Click here to find out more about the offer.

Offer ends Nov. 6, 2009 so sign up soon to take advantage of the coupons, recipes, and other goodies.