December 29

It's Tick Tock Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Two days left to the year. Are you feeling the pressure yet? Blog about the pros and cons of having your back to the wall. Do you operate better that way or does it drive you nuts?
  • Tick tock – are you still trying to cram things into this year or are you done and looking forward to the new year? List your wins and losses of the year and what you plan to do about them.
  • Time waits for no man. Many have not achieved all they set out to do this year, aren't even close or gave up way back in January, blog about the ways people can break things down so they aren't necessarily waiting until year end to reflect on unmet goals and feel like they've accomplished anything. Write also about keeping a journal so they can look back at the accomplishments that are so easily forgotten when we focus on what we haven't done.