Dishes You Can Do Before the Big Holiday

Create a blog post with ideas for dishes that are doable before the big Thanksgiving feast. For example, it does not have to be anything fancy, you could simply set up a cocktail or wine station or even a dessert and coffee bar and set it up way before dinner time. Of course, you can prepare your appetizers the day before and have those ready and raring to go as your guests wander in at various time. Any type of dessert is easy to make even days in advance as well as cookies and cake pops for the younger set. Quiches are an excellent source of do ahead planning and can be geared toward any holiday. And don’t forget the bread. You can make yummy bread the day before and just reheat as necessary for those hungry guests. Nobody can ever turn down homemade bread. Fruit displays are also nice to create the day before as long as it is covered properly.