Beauty: Is Spring Just around the Corner?

Blog about how spring 2014 seems to have a trend toward neutral and fresh. Discuss how sleek and straight are the way the trends seem to be heading for spring 2014 with deep black eyeliner and plenty of it seem to be the most in makeup next spring will see.

Who Says You Can’t Still Have Parties?

December may be behind us but we gathering of people with food is always a good thing and we don't need any special occasion to have a party. Write about hosting your own pot luck dinner for no reason; Have everyone bring their own main course, appetizer, and dessert for sampling. You can even blog about how to have a pot luck dessert only ocassion or chocolate function where the theme is everything chocolate.

Money: How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Blog about how to avoid a second look when filing your taxes. Discuss the importance of not having itemized deductions that are too large for what you are claiming as a salary.

The Best of the (Year)

This is a great post to write around the holiday season. They really help get those affiliate clicks and sales. Some ideas are:

The best family friendly Wii games of (insert year)
Top 10 home exercise programs of (year)
10 most affordable and useful software for (year)
Our most popular posts of the year

The best thing about this type of lists, you can make it a tradition and repeat year after year and make a name for yourself as the home of the annual top WYZ widgets. You get the idea. Go ahead – write and schedule it now so you don't have to rush during the holidays. Make sure you use your affiliate links and remember those disclosures.

Year End Review

Here'a another awesome post that works better during the year end. Throughout the year, we create so much blog content and unfortunately, some of them get overlooked or buried but they are pretty timeless or something you think would benefit your readers to have a second look. This also gives you a chance to introduce content to your newer readers who may not have seen it before.

Dig them up. Do a year end review of your most important, most popular, most commented, more tweeted, most controversial etc posts of the year.

Have a Dessert Bar This Holiday Season

Discuss how to change things up a bit at your home this holiday season by introducing the idea of a dessert bar. Send out a mass email to all guests, big and small, and have each member attending bring a different dessert. For the kids, they may want to bring brownies or cookies they made themselves. A favorite aunt may wish to break out the old recipe book and bring a traditional dessert. Your new daughter-in-law may be encouraged to bring something no one on your side of the family has ever tried – a tried and true recipe from her family tree.

Make Your Own Holiday Decorations

Discuss the option of having your family members gather for a holiday and presenting the idea of contributing to holiday decorations for the next upcoming holiday. Ask that each family member perhaps create a decoration that incorporates old family photos while another family member can create keepsake recipe cards for everyone to take home.

Try Something New This Holiday Season: Create New Traditions

If you are like most families, the holiday traditions are getting a little bit stale. Not to say that ditching old traditions is the thing to do, just spice things up a little bit. Blog about trying a new recipe that is completely unconventional in your family and adding it into the mix. Instead of everybody gathering around for dinnertime, how about meeting up first at a soup kitchen – this will surely change how holidays feel forever and give children an excellent sense of gratitude and selflessness

How to make the holidays easy on your budget

Great topic for any type of blog. Businesses on a budget should be vigilant not to overspend even though there are great deals and you may want to get the purchases in before a new fiscal year.

Even food and health blogs can write about how not to overspend on food and ingredients that you may end up not using or using a little only to throw out the rest. Expecting company or not, we can all only eat so much.

Give your readers tips and strategies to save money during the holidays.

How to have an environmentally friendly holiday

Eco consciousness doesn't need to stop when the holidays roll in, in fact now is the perfect time to start being ‘greener'. Blog about how to have an environmentally friendly holiday.