Creating Your Own Small Business: The Expenses Involved

Blog about following your passions and creating your own small business and the expenses involved. Discuss rental agreements, lease fees, office equipment, and overhead expenses, as well as unexpected expenses such as hiring a tax accountant, etc. Discuss tips and how-to's on how to create a spread sheet of expenses and possible future expenditures.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Blog about the possibility of turning your hobby into a business. Discuss how the possibility exists to create a small business from a hobby that you adore. Give tips on how to search for what a possible target audience for your product might look like, what their needs are, and how to reach them. Give tips on how to look into starting a small home-based business, the start up costs, the support you will need and creating a website to support your newfound venture.

Silly Holiday Celebrations and Their Themes

Blog about the different silly holidays such as National Peanut Butter Day or National Honey Month. Cook different meals with honey as a glaze or bake various peanut butter treats anything from smoothies to cookies. There is even a national kissing day. Emphasize how you can pick themes and even host a party for some of these unusual but silly holidays

The Intentional Relationship: Keeping Your Relationship Alive

Blog about the importance of keeping intentionality in your relationship. Being intentional means keeping the other party foremost in your thoughts and mind. Discuss how important it is to keep your own life, needs, and desires while maintaining a balance between keeping your significant other’s needs in that mix, as well.

How to Use Your Blog to Earn Income

How to Use Your Blog to Earn Income

Blog about the various ways you can market your blog and earn income by monetizing your blog. Discuss various ways such as pay-per-click, text link contextual advertising, affiliate programs, and direct sales just to name a few ways to market your website and earn residual income.

Marketing and Ebooks: Tips You Need to Know

Blog about the top five tips to creating an Ebook for sale on your website, Emphasis the top five tips such as using important key words and must have statements along with important how-to information to market a new Ebook. Discuss how having a blog with a reader audience that follows it is an excellent pre-cursor to marketing and selling a potential ebook.

Marketing Your Website: From Information to Sales

Marketing Your Website: From Information to Sales

Blog about how to offer your website as an information site with the option to purchase product. Discuss the importance of offering web content that is simple, direct, and serves a purpose of providing information on a certain topic. Discuss how to include a products page or a link back to products pertaining to that information content to sell product.

Business Start Up: Should You Go Solo or Partner

Blog about the pros and cons of starting your own business on your own or with a partner. Discuss the pros and cons of both scenarios. Emphasize how working together with someone in an office or on a volunteer project beforehand is a good idea before collaborating with someone in business on the side

Starting Your Own Business: Setting a Budget

Blog about keeping a detailed and itemized journal on how much it will cost to start up your own business. Emphasize how important it is to set a budget before and to research all possibilities before jumping into this new endeavor. Discuss how important it is to keep some funds on the side for “miscellaneous” and unexpected expenses.