Business Start Up Ideas: Follow Your Passion

Blog about various ideas on starting your own business. Base the blog post on the premise of starting your own business about what you are passionate about, whether it is a hobby or a dream. Discuss how blogging about starting your own business from something you love will have a higher likelihood of leading to success.

Creating Your Own Business and Working from Home

Discuss the many different options for working from home such as freelance writing, editing, blogging, marketing, and copywriting just to name a few. Discuss the upside to each of these choices as well as the downside such as finding your own health insurance.

Working from Home: Is It Really an Option

Discuss how you may want to approach your employer to ask if they can accommodate your work from home request. Blog about how the possibility may exist if you create it to work from home part time and then to be in the office the rest of the time. Talk about the upside and the downside of working from home.

Working from Home: Running a Daycare

Discuss the many legal aspects to working from home and running a daycare. Blog about the benefits such as raising your own children while running a daycare and some of the downfalls such as insurance and liability.

Working from Home: Dealing with Family and Friends

Discuss one of the biggest difficulties with working from home. Friends and family know that you are home and believe that you are available to assist them with anything from babysitting to running errands. Blog about different tips on how to clearly and firmly advise family and friends that even though you are home, you are still on the clock.

Hobbies and Crafts: How to Turn That Hobby into a Profit

Discuss how the possibility exists to turn that hobby into a lucrative venture. Talk about how hobbies and crafts sometimes turn the love of something into something lucrative. Show how many different ways there are to sell your wares to turn a profit such as church bazaars, flea markets, craft fairs, and most importantly online via your own website. Blog about how to create a business plan, for example, first create your wares, then find places to sell them, and market them via social media, as well.

Self-Help: The Real Art of Helping Yourself

Discuss how just about everyone everywhere has an area in their lives that needs improving. Blog about how to really help yourself by having a plan put in place. Discuss how you need to first set a goal, then make a plan of action to achieve those goals. Blog about the importance of taking one small step per day to achieve those goals and to keep a journal on how those small steps make you feel when it comes to achieving your goals.

Negotiating Retail Space for Your New Business Venture

Discuss in this blog topic the top three ways to negotiate retail space for your new business venture such as term of lease, who is responsible for repairs, and insurance issues. Blog about the need for discussion, and the importance of having everything in writing. Discuss hiring a broker and an attorney to make sure that you are covered on all bases.

Self-Help: Keep a Journal of Success

Discuss how important it is to keep a journal notating both your failings and successes. Blog about how keeping a journal can point out your weaknesses and strengths. This will give you the opportunity to draw on your strengths and to improve your weaknesses. Journaling is a release for negative feelings and a way to express the positive ones, as well.

Social Media and Marketing: Marketing Avenues on a Budget

Discuss in this blog how many companies both large and small have yet to take advantage of the reach social media provides for their brand. Blog about how much advertising is accessible through Twitter posts, Facebook, and many of the other social media avenues with little or no cost involved. Blog about how smaller companies can benefit from the use of social media as advertising is costly.