Tips on How to Stay Cool When Everyone is Looking

Blog about how we have all been in the situation where our child is screaming in public. Highlight how this is not important in the heat of the moment. Yes, it is uncomfortable and it is embarrassing, but choosing to not allow the stares and even comments of others, get to you is where you draw your power. Focus on the situation at hand – you and your child. If you have to, remove yourself from the situation even if you have to sit in the car for a while or revisit the store alone when your child is with grandma

Getting it all Done: Don’t Forget to Include Silly Time with Your Kids

Blog about how busy parenting is in today’s society. There is work, school, routines, and schedules. All of this can lead up to forgetting to just get down and silly with our kids. When the house is a mess, make a different choice. Instead of trying to clean up after the little ones, why not join them in making a mess? Make a fort out of blankets and watch a movie while inside. Sometimes you just need to throw your hands up and say, “Let’s make a mess.” Grab some finger-painting and head outdoors.

Holidays and Celebrations – Hosting a Family Reunion

Blog about the possibility of organizing a family reunion for the holidays. Discuss how everybody is busy cooking, baking, shopping, and wrapping, that it may be a good idea to pool those resources. Pick a meeting place such as a cabin in the woods and have everybody bring a main dish, appetizer, and a dessert. Get a list of members and do a grab bag for everyone. That way everyone comes away with a small gift and everyone is not getting overwhelmed with busyness and spending. Discuss how this might be the most fun in the most cooperative and inexpensive way to celebrate a holiday.

Holiday Cooking Stress: How to Plan Ahead so You Won’t Have to Stress

Give tips and advice as well as recipes for making baked goodies, yummy side dishes, and even some of the main courses ahead of time so you can enjoy your company. Discuss how important it is for your well-being to come out of the kitchen. Offer tips on how to politely ask for an appetizer or dessert, or even host a pot luck holiday dinner.

Holidays and Celebrations – Something to Really be Thankful

Blog about the deeper meaning of holidays such as birthdays and Thanksgiving. Give readers tips to get their children involved in the attitude of gratitude. Share age appropriate stories of individuals who have suffered tragedies but came out triumphant because of their gratitude. Have teens volunteer time at a soup kitchen to give them a sense of what being grateful really means.

Turn your Hobby into Holiday Gift-Giving

Blog about how that hobby of making jewelry or sewing is useful for gift-giving time during holidays and birthdays. Give advice on how to create something different with your hobby. For example, if you make beaded necklaces and have given those to family members as gifts, try making matching earrings now. If you know how to knit or crochet, try coming up with a unique and stylish new scarf that everyone will ask where they got that.

Spice Up Your Favorite Foods

Blog about how adding different spices to the same old recipe can enhance the flavor and make an old staple new again just by adding different spices. Blog about how different spices have a different impact on certain foods. Give tips on experimenting and researching which foods go best with what spices.

Meditation: Different Styles for Different Folks

Blog about how there are many different forms of meditation and what they are, for example, walking meditation, guided meditation, mantras and visualization meditation. Also gives tips on how to and where to go for meditation for example, community colleges, local organizations, online learning.

A New Twist on the Old Pony Tail

Blog about the new trend in pony tails for spring 2014. Ponytails are looking to be sleek and shiny and hanging low from the nape of the neck. Longer hair seems to be the trend for spring 2014 with natural style and flow. Ponytails are paired with buns, rolls, and split into two hanging down long from the nape of the neck.

Trade or Degree? Which is better for Gainful Employment?

Are students who are specializing in a trade better off than students who have degrees in today’s economy? Does it make more sense to study a trade like back in the olden days such as electrician, plumbing, heating, and cooling? What about medical sonography as a trade as compared to taking traditional college classes.