blog about how making jewelry and selling it for a cause can ignite a fire in you. Discuss how doing something that is simply a creative outlet for you may help other people. There are women, men, and children all over the nation in need of something and your craft or hobby may be just the thing you can donate the profits to that will lift their spirits and yours, as well.

Blog about the many different indoor games you and your family can play without using technology, make a list of top five games such as playing cards, puzzles, and board games. Step it up a notch and introduce games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles.

Blog about where to go, for example, Colorado, California, Alabama, how to tips, the cost involved, etc.

Blog about how eating out is affordable if you do it right. Discuss taking advantage of new restaurant openings, two-fers, and senior citizens day, as well. Eating out and sharing appetizers and skipping the alcoholic beverages are also affordable ways to treat yourself to eating out without the extra added expense.

Blog about how easy it really is to make your own home made foods and batch freeze some of them. Discuss how this will save money and time in the long run. Home made muffins can go in the freezer for a quick breakfast on the run; making your own dough for a pizza dinner is easy and inexpensive and extra dough is great to keep in the freezer.

Blog about canning and jarring recipes that are outside the box – anything from cherries to squid. Give advice and tips on how to create your own recipes for canning some unusual foods or even try a new spin on one of your favorites.

Blog about the different silly holidays such as National Peanut Butter Day or National Honey Month. Cook different meals with honey as a glaze or bake various peanut butter treats anything from smoothies to cookies. There is even a national kissing day. Emphasize how you can pick themes and even host a party for some of these unusual but silly holidays

Going Green with Your Beauty Regimen

Blog about the importance of going green even with your cosmetic purchases. Discuss the importance of using cosmetics with ingredients that are all natural. Emphasize how important it is to also look at the packaging of the cosmetics and how much plastic or recycled material is used in the making of these cosmetics.

Natural Beauty – From Inside Out

Blog about the importance of beautiful skin and how a glowing complexion is the only real foundation that you need. Discuss how certain foods, vitamins, minerals, and supplements are essential to have the glowing skin that not many cosmetics cannot duplicate. Discuss how drinking water and exercise are also vital to keeping skin healthy.