To Trend or Not to Trend: Home Trends That Can Stay Around for Awhile

Blog about how some trends do not have to be a one-time deal. For example, blog about how retro style for your home is a great way to decorate a den or family room without ever having to redo it again. You can always add retro pieces as you go along to change it up, but that theme can stay around for a long time. Shabby Chic is another great trend that is great for a formal dining room and one that can stay for a long time, as well.

Building Strong Relationships with Your Contractor

Blog about the importance of upfront and direct communication with anyone doing work on your home from contractors to painters. Emphasize the importance of getting things, even if they seem small or insignificant in writing. Offer tips on pertinent questions to ask and good listening and negotiating skills when working with contractors.

The Green Gardener: Learn How to Garden the Green Way

Blog about different materials and techniques someone can use and how that individual can garden the green way. Discuss the importance of composting and the benefits to the environment, as well as to gardening. Offer tips on going pesticide free, reusing rainwater, and using native plants to grow a green garden.

Buying a New Home: Taking Advantage of Today’s Market

Blog about how now may still be a good time to purchase a new home. Emphasize interest rates and moderately priced homes as being pluses to purchasing a new home. Also discuss the economy stabilizing a bit more, which offers the first time home buyer another advantage.

Frugal Decorating: Get Upscale Looks without Paying a Fortune

Blog about the various ways one can decorate inexpensively and creatively. Look at the whole recycle and reuse point of view. Emphasize hand-me-downs, garage and tag sales, and even curbside “leftovers” for decorating ideas. Blog about how one can refurbish something into anything and offer tips on taking things home even if a vision is not apparent from the beginning. You never know, you may wind up with one or two pieces that separately do nothing, but together can make an interesting piece

Growing a Garden and Bringing your Family Closer

Blog about how growing a garden can bring your family together as it is a family function. Everyone can participate and join in and reap the rewards of the fruits of thier labor, literally.

Pets and Camping: Play it Safe/Play it Smart


If you are going to take your dog camping, be sure to have a leash that is long enough to keep him secure but let him roam just a bit. When it comes time to sleeping, be sure to keep your dog in the camper with you so that he is safe and sound from other animals and even a snake or insect bite. Make certain that you bring along tick repellant according to your vet’s rules, and make certain that your pet is properly vaccinated and has proper identification should he wander

Vacationing with Your Pet


Blog about the important medications you need to bring such as flea and tick medications, heartworm meds, and any other meds your vet might prescribe for your pet. Bring along something for your pet to sleep on and do not forget that if you take your dog to beaches that allow them, leave your dog under the umbrella to keep from suffering heat stroke just like a human.