Sun and Safety for Your Favorite Pets

Blog about how important it is to take care of your skin during summer, but it is also important to remember your pets. If you have a dog, keep him clean, short haircuts, and do not forget the flea and tick protection. Discuss the importance of keeping pets safe in hot weather by not leaving your pet unattended in your vehicle.

Beauty Treatments by Mother Nature

Blog about how you can mix up different concoctions in your kitchen to make different types of facials. For example, you can try honey, sugar, and kiwi for a moisturizing scrub or you can try olive oil and glycerin mixed with apple cider vinegar for a hair conditioner.

Changing Seasons: Changing Fashion Accessories

Talk about how the seasons change how you need to change, obviously, your clothing but also your fashion accessories. Whereas pearls are more linked to fall and winter, seashells are more appropriate for warmer weather. Jewelry in corals, aqua and pastel colors are more appropriate for warmer weather whereas solid such as amber and onyx are better for colder months.

Baking as a Hobby

Blog about trying out new recipes, having a bake-off gathering for everyone brings a new recipe to try, organizing and updating your baking equipment in the kitchen

Food Safety: At Home and Elsewhere

Food safety is an issue everywhere from the restaurants you eat out at, the transportation of food, and even in your very own kitchen.

Canning Classics: The Originals

Discuss how canning has been around for many years and give tips and tricks on the original fruits and vegetables that were used as canning items that are still around today.

Gardening: Necessity or Hobby

Growing your own garden has become somewhat of a necessity in tough economic times. Discuss this new trend as a necessity more than a hobby.