Feng Shui: Superstition or Benefit

Talk about how feng shui might just have the capacity to change your environment and, therefore, everything else that trickles down from that.

Natural Pet Foods

Blog about using all natural pet foods, treats, and medicines as an alternative to traditional pet fare. Talk about the positive bonuses of using all natural as compared to over the counter store bought goods.

Have a business blog? Believe it or not, you can use this topic. Write about this trend toward natural pet foods. How can a marketer recognize trends like these and leverage it? Or, where does one draw the line between leveraging a trend and exploiting it?

Parents, Encourage Teens to Talk More

Blog about how to encourage teens to talk more, by not offering advice or telling them what to do – just simply listen. Point out how difficult it is to bite your tongue and simply just listen. Let your teen know they can come to you and you will not judge or form an opinion. Talk about how you can be a safe haven for your teens to vent.

Do you blog about leadership? Do you think there are parallels between talking and parenting to teens and leading people? If so, state your case.

How To Train Pets Right From The Beginning

Blog about how to train pets right from the get go and how that would incorporate training your family to pitch in and help with the new pet. Can the process of training a pet teach your audience some important lessons even though you do not blog about pets or pet care?

What Impact Does Media Have On Our Kids

Discuss the impact of reality TV and today's programming on kids. Is it everything goes or do parents need to be more discerning with what their kids come into contact with when it comes to media. What other alternative do parents have and what kinds of suggestions or products can you give them?

Financial Education

Should budget and finance be covered in high school curriculum. Discuss how important it is to learn how to balance a checkbook and whether or not finance and budget would be beneficial to students and what grade level should financial education begin.

You could also blog about un-learning bad financial habits picked up from your youth.

Everyday a new year

It is funny how people get all energized and riled up when a new year is in the horizon or underway. Almost always, we vow to be more loving, better spouses, parents, boss. We promise ourselves to start that business, quit smoking and lose that weight. Yet, come January 31st, nothing has changed and we give up.

While it can be good and refreshing to look ahead to a new year with anticipation and hope. But perhaps we need to cultivate the habit of looking at every day as a new year? Every day as a new chance to start that business. Every day a new opportunity to be kind. Every day a new promise to eat healthier.

Blog about this. Would this work for you? Would it be easier to check things off daily and celebrate small steps?

Google Cloud Print

Do you know about Google cloud print? Do you use it? If you don't explore and share your thoughts about this service on your blog. Are you likely to use it? Why or why not?

If you use it, do you connect it with other systems? How do make use of it and what power tips can you share that your audience would appreciate?

One Man’s Treasure

Discuss how garage sale finds can be converted into almost new treasures for your home. Give a list of items that can be converted into home decor with just a few added touches or some simple craft supplies.

This topic can easily be adapted to fit other types of blogs. For example recipe or food blogs can talk about affordably decorating your kitchen.

Teens and Technology – a New Addiction

Talk about how teens of yesteryear were addicted to smoking and how teens may in fact be addicted to technology today. Discuss the effects on teens that use too much technology.