How do you work around the holidays?

Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and all of the other holidays during this season, it's a wonder anyone gets any work done. How do you work around the holidays? What have you tried that works and doesn't work? Can you offer tips?

While this is a great topic for career and business blogs, it can also be adapted for home schoolers. Or, in a foodie blog talk about how you keep up with regular daily meals while baking and creating all those holiday goodies.

Affiliate opportunities: Sometimes a good planner or planning tool is all that is needed. If that is part of your suggested solution, add a link to some planners or tools that have helped you.

Great family movies for the holidays.

With weeks off during the winter holidays, watching movies is often a great way to spend some time together as a family. Blog about your favorite family movies and offer suggestions.

If your audience is primarily business folks, perhaps you can write about movies that have great life and business lessons. Also don't forget documentaries related to your topic.

Affiliate opportunities: Suggest a movie or a list of movies. Maybe even recommend a subscription to Netflix if you have had good experiences with it.

Family Holidays – How to Really Rise Above and Put Your Best Foot Forward

blog about how sometimes family holidays can be fraught with tension especially between certain family members. Give tips and advice on how to be a peace maker by leading by example. Offer advice on how not to take certain things said as personal, learn how to accept people (like it or not) just for exactly who they are and who they are not.

How to Avoid Holiday Stress

Discuss the importance of being organized, staying focused, and asking for help. Many individuals feel it is necessary to do it all and be the perfect host or hostess. In order to really enjoy the holidays, accept help, ask for help, and start early. Making lists and staying focused are also important ways to stay ahead of holiday stress.

Saving Money During Holiday Times

Blog about the different ways to save money during holiday times. Introduce the idea of having a potluck dinner to save on food expenses or to have a grab bag for gift giving. Emphasize shopping off season for the following year for simple things such as gift bags or small thank you gifts for those who help you year round.

How to Save Money on Gifts by Making Crafts

Discuss how easy it is to make crafts for friends and family members for holidays and special occasions, as well. Blog about how much money you can really save by gifting your wares. Also, blog about how well received homemade gifts are from family and friends. They will treasure those gifts for a long time to come. Blog about how homemade goodies such as jams, jellies, preserves, cookies and chocolate are excellent ways to gift your homemade crafts to loved ones.

Confidence: The New Beauty

Confidence: The New Beauty

Blog about how confidence is the new beauty secret of the century. Confidence comes in the way a woman walk, talks, holds herself, and executes herself. Give tips and advice on how to walk, talk, and hold yourself in order to gain the most essential beauty secret – confidence.

Tips on How to Stay Cool When Everyone is Looking

Blog about how we have all been in the situation where our child is screaming in public. Highlight how this is not important in the heat of the moment. Yes, it is uncomfortable and it is embarrassing, but choosing to not allow the stares and even comments of others, get to you is where you draw your power. Focus on the situation at hand – you and your child. If you have to, remove yourself from the situation even if you have to sit in the car for a while or revisit the store alone when your child is with grandma

Getting it all Done: Don’t Forget to Include Silly Time with Your Kids

Blog about how busy parenting is in today’s society. There is work, school, routines, and schedules. All of this can lead up to forgetting to just get down and silly with our kids. When the house is a mess, make a different choice. Instead of trying to clean up after the little ones, why not join them in making a mess? Make a fort out of blankets and watch a movie while inside. Sometimes you just need to throw your hands up and say, “Let’s make a mess.” Grab some finger-painting and head outdoors.

Making a Zen-Space in your Home

Blog about how you can create a Zen space in one of the rooms in your home. While every man should have his man cave and rightfully so, women can create a Zen space all of their own, as well. Discuss how the use of different colors can make a room peaceful and restful. Blog about letting the family choose the color scheme and décor for the family den while you get to pick and choose everything in the bedroom. Discuss how a Zen space room does not have to be an entire room either. It can be a window seat with soft, comfy pillows a light for reading and warm blanket.