Trade or Degree? Which is better for Gainful Employment?

Are students who are specializing in a trade better off than students who have degrees in today’s economy? Does it make more sense to study a trade like back in the olden days such as electrician, plumbing, heating, and cooling? What about medical sonography as a trade as compared to taking traditional college classes.

College Degrees: Which ones are Best for Employment?

Blog about the different college degrees and the level of difficulty for getting a job for each one. For example, having a degree in business – how difficult is it to get a job with a degree in business. Political science – is this too vague of a degree? What are the trends for making money and stability with different college degrees?

Working out Does Not Always Have to Be Painful

Blog about how working out can mean many different things to just as many different individuals. Working out could be a brisk walk along the boardwalk, a power walk with a friend, different forms of yoga, Pilates or even dancing.

Dieting: Does Everyone Really Have to Diet

Discuss how much more important it is to incorporate new foods that are healthy into your diet rather than giving up and taking out foods that are not so healthy. Discuss how it is important to optimal health to reduce the sugary fatty foods and increase the healthier foods, thereby creating a balance. Dieting does not have to mean one celery stick and a glass of water.

Traveling with Extended Family Members: Top Tips to Make it Work

Blog about how traveling with extended family members can mean lots of different personalities under the same roof. Give tips on how you do not all have to stay together at all times. If there are different activities that everyone wishes to try, you can go your separate ways and meet up later for dinner. Give advice on how to remember you are on vacation and little things are unimportant, as you will only have this one opportunity for vacation and to make the most of it. Embrace the differences and nuances between everyone in your group and accept everyone for who they are. After all, everyone brings something different to the table.

How to Feel Beautiful from the Inside Out: Top Tips to Always feel Beautiful

You can blog about how taking caring of yourself can make you feel beautiful on the inside. Highlight how eating properly (not dieting) and exercising (even if it is just walking with a pal) and take time out to relax (perhaps through yoga and meditation) are all beneficial to creating a beautiful inside as well as outside.

Self Help Seminars: Hype or Help

blog about the positive benefits of empowerment you can receive by attending various self help seminars. Give reasons why self help seminars can vastly improve your mindset, help you to network with like-minded people, and give you the added boost of self-esteem you need in order to empower yourself.

Top Benefits of Life Coaching

Blog about the benefits of life coaching and what life coaching is, for example, explain that life coaching is a way for someone to walk alongside you to achieve a goal you are stuck on. Discuss the various benefits such as achieving goals, reaching success, unblocking yourself.

Self-Help: The New Spin on Being Your Own Best Friend

Blog about how looking into the arena of self-help can be the best gift you can give yourself. Discuss the variety of ways one can help oneself such as yoga, meditation, eating gluten free, powerwalking, reiki. Give tips on how to hone into your best self-help practice and how to commit to it every day.